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Int/Str Endgame Set

By BeanyBean#2694 - SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2015, 10:36:29

I need some help with an int/str set. I want to be able to heal with archetypal bow and first aid and still deal okay damage with ambush and other str spells. I can afford up to 3 srambad/whale pieces and have an ochre. Exos are out of reach right now, but if you have a set with exos still post it. It'll give me something to work towards. smile

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Given the limitations it is not an easy task; problem with being able to heal well while still being hybrid and dealing decent damage is with the fact, that normally you'd use power-based items to increase damages, but these items do not affect healing, nor have +healing stat.

My solution for this was getting some extra bulk, so you can survive on the battlefield and heal for longer.

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I'd also suggest considering geting Watcher's Dofus or that kokonut Dofus for certain fights.

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