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Locking turrets tactics

By natliraren#5598 December 27, 2015, 18:57:08


Did anyone test using locking turrets tactics yet? How did it go? Is it even possible to reach satesfying levels to make important monsters/characters immobolized?

PS I also like to know what stats increases the lock. I saw a fogger with 20 locks on his character and his turrets had 50+. Whileas I got fogger on 30 locks and the turrets on 20.

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Do you mean cornering someone using the turrets? Because as far as i know turrets can't lock, unless they changed it? All my turrets have the same amount of lock as my fogger (27).

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I figured the formula. its 5base + 50% of fogger's lock.
even if you manage to 150 lock, the turrets will only have 80. Won't lock much unless poor enemies.

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Won't lock even if they had 900 lock. They are incapable of locking unless that was changed with the last update (did not see a note about it changing though)

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Is that so? I was fooled by the lock stats.

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yea they can't lock even if their lives depended on it. that formula of yours doesn't help ph34r 

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