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How to foggernaut ?

By fallonmel#1605 December 30, 2015, 20:25:31

Hello I've been playing foggernaut on dofus touch so the issues I've been having are in version 2.14 and I'm Intel but want to hybridise with str if o get the opportunity. smile
Now to the main worry. I've been enjoying the class but have been having several issues involving how to play the class effectively, my main difficulty is with lack of range and having to go near melee to get an attack in but lack the damage to be effective there and at the mercy of my harpooners attack. And struggle to be effective in team combat and find by the time I get a turret out and evolve it be any use the my allies or enemy's have moved away and my turrets are left twiddling there thumbs at the other side of the map and have to start with a new turret and evolve them again.
Any helps or tips on how to get the best of my foggernaut would be great thanks smile 

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That is the problem with int foggers. There is no range. I believe its wise to go hybrid if you truly want to keep int. Or use healing weapon, to have something to do when u cant reach an enemy.

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