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New Fogger looking for advice

By Kyrwin#3623 June 03, 2016, 02:12:37

Hi! I've played Dofus on and off for a few years now, and recently came back (on a new account) and am looking at playing a Fogger! I've really only had a lot of experience on Strength Ecaflips (Back when Felintation was still a Earth Spell) and a bit on an Int Sac.

I messed around with a Str Iop for a bit, got him to 30 something before I was drawn to the Foggernaut. I did a bit of reading, and I want to try it out, I know that Strength Foggernaut is viable, but I'm more concerned about Endgame, I'm really drawn to the Tri-Elemental build, also, would Chance or Intelligence be better for leveling up? I'm leveling with a Strength Sadia, and I don't want to both be full Strength or something, unless that really doesn't matter.

I've never done anything but a mono element build before, I know you only really start to hit your stride in a multi element build later on, but I'd like a bit of pointers on getting started, like how to distribute stat points, what to level, what sets I should look at getting for leveling, all that good stuff.

I've got very limited funds, about 2 mil right now from trading some ogrines to kamas, mostly so I could buy my girlfriend a few nice things as we're playing together.


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