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Slightly more advanced tactics talk than the last one...

By Nerd-Tease#5532 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 26, 2016, 11:13:27

Recently had a conversation with someone in guild who was pointed in my direction for advice regarding foggernauts. I realized that some of the finer points on tactics are a little lacking out there. Some other classes may find benefit from reading this, especially when I get to the tactics part, but my focus will be around foggernaut play.

If you already know the basics, read on ahead. If not, feel free to check this thread first:
So without further ado, a few more points for fogs with a bit of experience under their belt, but still looking for more.

Starting with builds:
1. Tri is not the best build (except when it is)
Tri is versatile. The power in this build is the power to adapt. (well that and the face melting ambush damage) If you can't play around this, or play in a dedicated team, this may not be the best build for you.
Linear resistances and reductions cut into this build hard (read: crit res, feca shields)

2. Int is viable (Despite my constant griping about Vapour's base damage)
Int is not for damage. Yes you can deal damage if needed with a leveled harpooner, but that isn't why you play an int fog. a pure int fog is a supportive build. Generally this is actually one of the strongest builds a fog can go in a dedicated team, especially in 5v5 PvP. I dislike it for general use, especially if you want to take part in PUGs (Pick up groups), but it is by no means a bad build.

3. Chance is a trap (as a pure element build, it has problems, still conditionally viable though)
The pure chance build has the highest raw damage output*
*periscope: 1 per turn/target, froth: linear fixed range, torrent: diagonal +1/target/turn
*Ignores that ambush exists to some extent
*Ignores the synergy with trident

4. Chance/Int hybrid is a trap (but maybe not for the reasons you might think)
Damage with water, supportive with fire. looks good on the surface. the numbers actually look pretty good for this build right up until you look at gear.
The gear options don't support this build as well, at the point where it looks good, a similarly priced tri set looks better.

5. Chance/Str is weird (but viable)

Has some of the problems of chance, but mitigated somewhat with the addition of the earth spells.
Better damage on the trident + froth combo than tri can get
Loses some utility, loses some ambush damage copared to tri
Unfortunately the str/cha gear can lack range if you are not careful with your choices.

6. Str is consistent ([ed: rock pun here? Steady rock? Firm ground? ])
ranged damage with anchor, rather than randed poke with it.
High mid range damage without ambush, though not as high as chance, or str/chance


Still with me? Good, here's where things get a little more interesting I think.
To tactics:
Planning is everything. (while I may focus somewhat on the PvP aspect, much of this also applies to PvM)

No seriously. Before the first turn of a fight, I make a few evaluations.
1. Is my current set fine, or should I tweak something.
2. What does our team have for damage and healing, what on the enemy team poses a threat to how our team wants to play.
3. Which turret do I need the most.
4. Where should I place it.
5. What is our team's win condition. What is the enemy's?

Here's how I go about most of those.

1. Is my current set fine, or should I tweak something?
My set is pretty versatile, but there's room to toss in things like an mp loss resistance trophy.
Or, do they only have 1 damage threat? do I know what element that is? can I raise that resist easily?

2. What does our team have for damage and healing, what on the enemy team poses a threat to how our team wants to play.
Mostly self explanatory, but this one actually helps somewhat with the previous as well as the next. It also gets me in the right mindset for playing around key abilities like a fully charged punitive arrow or wrath, or important cooldowns such as feca shields, and word of recovery.

3. Which turret do I need the most.
Pick one at the beginning, but don't get locked up if that fails
Do we need the unbewitch? harpooner. Are we lacking heals? How much? is an unevolved lifesaver enough to get us by long enough to gain an advantage, or should I start with it? Start harpooner and swap to evolving lifesaver after first kill?, earlier? Start it turn 1?
N.B. : I dislike the tacturret start, but that isn't to say it isn't viable. I find most fights where I would want it though, I want it for the same reasons for which I won't be able to trigger the special spell. Outranged/ outmaneuvered.

4. Where should I place it.
A lot of this decision is tied to the essential question of what can kill my turret, and how costly is it for it to be killed vs what I lose if they do kill it.

5. What is our team's win condition. What is the enemy's?
This isn't always so straightforward, but is the question that if you can answer it and act accordingly, you will win a much higher percentage of fights.
Is their team Iop-centric with wrath and fate set to go off at the same turn? Avoiding that combo might be a win condition, it might not be. getting hit by it will likely cost you the match, but avoiding it won't necessarily win the match.

N.B. many of these things do need to be re-evaluated as the fight progresses, but it starts before the first turn does.


"But how does this change how I play?" one might ask.

Knowing what will win you a match, and what will lose it allows you to take actions with the highest chance of furthering your potential to win, while minimizing the risks you take to make those actions. for example, being in a team with no other healing does not necessarily mean you should play a lifesaver with evolution, if your team does have other defensive skills, especially if the enemy team also has access to erosion.

Play around cooldowns:
Some classes don't really care too much about most of their cooldowns, they are available, for the most part, all the time.
Fogs are not one of these classes. Play around your turret cooldowns even if you dont plan on evolving one of the others, keeping one available for the right moment can win many fights. Conditionally useful spells like breakwater and grapnel make these cooldowns precious, so keep in mind the opportunity cost of using one when you decide to.

Play around enemy cooldowns:
Just as fogs have cooldowns to be aware of, so do many other classes. if you become familiar with them, you can plan for how you will deal with them.

Positioning is important:
If I end where I can be locked, I should do so in such a way that I have a potential escape if possible. This could range from a tide point, to a grapnel point, to a release, to communicating with allies and what they are able to do.

Even losses can be wins. Not all wins feel good: a note on mindset.

I try to take something useful from every loss. If I can't apply something from the match to another in the future, in a way that was not apparent to me initially, then I lost that match before the match was made. While some games are like that, sometimes you will be outmatched, I find the majority of my matches that I lose could have been won if a turn played slightly differently.

Conversely, be aware when you only won because the enemies made a mistake. Yes, you may have won, but take something away from this and try not to put yourself in situations where you need the enemy to play sub-optimally to win.

If I get into a mindset where I can't apply any of this, it is time to stop queuing up for matches and clear my head. Go do something else, in game or not.
No TL;DR on this, read it or not, I realize this is a bit of a wall of text, but it is reasonably well organized and the formatting will be fixed if needed with an edit.

If some of what I said here conflicts with what I say in a specific scenario, there's probably a reason. However, I'm also not infallible so I may have just been wrong.

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This help a lot in getting your mind set on how to Goff, but what is your opinion and a good Kolo build?

All foggers I see are tri build, and some with the 300stats cape every turn.

I see they are strong but with a lot of investment.

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