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Fogger 200 kolo

By Nelxon#5517 - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2017, 10:26:25

Hello all, I recently changed from iop to fogger.

I really like the class but atm I'm using my iop items and only doing PvM.

I can't really be sure if I should go tribuild, or duo atm :/

Hope someone can show me some light on this subject.

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Only "tribuild" with Catseye Ax!

Click here

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How can only tri build be good?

Why not duo str /int for example?

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The fire spells have low base damages, which limits the optimal options for fire as being part of a tri build, or as a pure build. It also does not inherently synergize with either of the other elements outside of ambush and the harpooner.
Str/cha is the most viable hybrid due to both the high base damages as well as synergy between trident and froth, however the small loss in strength and chance, to also get intel makes ambush significantly better, as well as giving the harpooner another element it might be able to use for elemental weaknesses.

While tri is definitely the optimal build with the current state of gear, Int/str can still work if you already have the gear and are not looking to immediately update your gear, but I would still recommend tri as a goal for later.

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I see what you are saying.

Atm I'm kinda str/not because of the items I have, but I.only use str spells ambush and heal.

Trying to sell my stuff to get a decent str/cha set but might take a while.

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