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is str/int fogger a good hybrid?

By dragonfablie#3028 - SUBSCRIBER - March 21, 2017, 08:46:11

because you can heal your teammates and pull out good damage in the same time. is it good in pvm/pvp?

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Fog can heal without having to be int

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It's definetly the best for 1x1 PVP. Int's lifesteal is way too good for extended fights and you can even cast it on your turrets.
Str/Cha have more damage but to be honest, it is very hard to pull off the Trident/Froth combo, so most of the times you'll be casting Ambush alone.
Also, Surge is way too better on PvP than Froth. The stackable damage reduction may save you once or twice.
Str is a must. Backwash can keep your enemies away while doing damage and you also have the long range poke with Anchor. Trident also have sinergy with your Dopple and Tacturret's pushback.
If it was PvE mono elemental, I would pick Chance for damage and AOE. But to me, the versatily of good range and healing is way better on PvP.

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i'd say pure str might be better then hybrid str int due to int just having no range and ap cost being so high you never really use it, and a pure str high range build will make anchor do very decent damage while giving trident more pushback posion, and life saver is %heals based

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