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New player, first character is a Foggernaut. Need help !

By SimpleAcid#9588 - SUBSCRIBER - August 04, 2017, 17:11:09

I'm a level 96 int foggernaut(want to change to str), I was wondering if i should stick to this class. I plan to mainly play Solo PVM and group PVM, and also some Koli when i have enough money to pay for PvP equipement. I really do enjoy the design of the foggernaut class, but the learning curve is a turn off. 
Also i would like to know good spots to Solo xp, and the equipement I should keep in mind for future levels?

Any advice would be appreciated smile


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If you like the class more than the others you should stay with it.
Fogger is not performing very good currently in PvE and PvP, however that might change in the future.

For exp as a solo player you should do treasure hunts,kolo when you have the equipment or quests. Don't be turned off from your winrate though. After all foggernaut is no cookie cutter class at the moment.

For equipment... if you're going earth ancestral or moowolf stuff i guess. You could also go for a pushback build, but i have no personal experience with that so i can't say much about it.

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Yeah if you like the foggernaut stick with it. Solo leveling the class for me was really fun at kani/ping in frigost while i was around 100 to 150 (this was years ago) not to sure about what you can solo now,                                                                                                                                             For gear at level 90 id go for more chance based set like Spynner set until 140                             just because it has the most base damage  then id swap to moowolf for a pure str build,                                                                                                                                                                                           That being said foggernaut right now is probably the most unsavory class to play right now due to the no utility and lack of any erosion or control over summons but it's been about 4/5 years so id expect a rework at some point hopefully 

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