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Foggernaut ambush vs ivory dofus

By Bellatriximus#1020 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 14, 2017, 10:13:02
That looks fun.
I like hitting like a wet noodle.
At least I'm only lvl 197 and it's only going to cost me 12mk to change classes.
That's nice.

PS, we need more nerfs.
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not all player have ivory
not any mob have ivory
use +dommag e.g ice dofus for boost ambush
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yep for foggernaut ivory dofus is going to be a problem, seeing as they usually hit only twice a turn for the first 3 or 4 turns while building a turret to evolution 3, and even if they were to do max damage with 2 spells it would be periscope - 50% dmg then ambush -120 dmg ontop of %res, foggernaut really needs new spells :l
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So do other classes if the Ivory Dofus keeps the intended stats. Cras are fine at the moment, their variety of spells will make them the best class. They are already powerful and hard to beat without really good and resists.
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   I see both sides of this fight. For sure Ivory takes down the damage of Ambush by 160 (40x4) but at the same time only 1 of your smaller hits in the attack are halved (first hit) meaning like 12.5% Damage taken away where as a single hitting attack would lose 50% its damage or use 2ap fist for leek pie. 
   The spell Ambush just hits really dang hard, as omni mine hits 2k on no res with the right shield on. So with only Ivory in mind and no other res, thats still 1840 Damage (-250 extra for the first hit res for 1590) Still a really nice spell! If you are not omni and the spell just isn't hitting enough on people with Ivory Dofus on, then use another spell! But I still think you will hit less with a single hitting spell on first 50% reduction hit. 
   I think it's really just a matter of is the Ivory Dofus itself just too good? Sure its kinda challenging to get, but given the option I'm pretty sure every single player would prioritize having it on as players with it clearly have a big advantage over those who just don't have one yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see this item get some sort of nerf in the future. Only time will tell!
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Nice necropost xd
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