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Fogger for starting class??

By hirazjeeh#7195 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 13, 2017, 03:23:18
I need some help I will be starting on new server and dunno what class to play. Can you recommend me something to play I was thinking fogger can you guys tell me a little bit if it will be good for both pvp and pvm once server is open?
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Hi, I'm from brazilian server and I would like to share what I know about Steamers/Foggernaut.

Steamers is one of the most hard class for begginers. Because the learning curve is very complicated.
In fact, When I started play with... Was usual die to myself...
Another thing, steamers just get really efective with the entire habilities... In other words, at lvl 100+

And why foggernaut is so difficult at low lvl? 
Because in this stage, you must learn positioning, AI of the towers, mobility, healing and others stuffs.

But one thing I'll tell you, Steamers  are really REALLY strongs... The qualities includes cross one big map in 2 tourns, IN and OUT of battle easily, Potential to do Everything with a good quality (be agressive, defensive, strategist, bloquer, etc.)
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I would say foggernauts are quite strong in the right hands. 
As a foggernaut you would have the potential to play various play-styles with a single class, good mobility, and various utility spells. If the class looks fun to you, don't let the possible difficulty curve scare you, it isn't all that hard to be useful as a foggernaut, and they fit well into most pick up groups (Although, obviously, the better you are at both the class, and understanding which role is yours to play at any given point, the better you will do)
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Foggernauts are jack of all trades, and very good a being mobile.  (more so now that agility osamodas has been nerfed)  However, they are just jack of all trade, and nothing more.  If you already know what role you want to play, ie, healing support, shield support, close combat damage etc then I suggest you go for what ever that's best tailored for.
A foggernaut can only use one evolution III turret.  It has been buffed where now you can have one III turret and 2 II turrets out at the same time, however changing between turrets still requires waiting.
A foggernaut's healing is based on total health, so the lower the target's hitpoints are, the less healing you will do.
His/her damage is based either on multiple damages through ambush (hitting earth, air, fire and water) for 5 ap (a nerf from the previous ambush which required 4 ap, but only hit 3 elements for slightly higher base damage)  You can also work very well in a pushback team, as you have many pushback damage dealing spells in your arsenal.
You can teleport people as well, but the mode is not used often for it is very difficult to position it well.  However, it's nice to use this turret in a pushback team in player versus player content.
Your damage will be lower than other classes. (unless you can get the pushback damage dealing turret and perfect setup in 3v3 player versus player content while in a team with a  sram and have perfect initiative to pull it off.) 
If you simply want to heal, play eniripsa.
If you want to deal damage from afar, play cra.
If you want to shield people, play feca or masqueraider (although I would chose feca over masqueraider, since masqueraider has been nerfed nearly every patch to the point where it is redundant.)
If you want to soak up damage, play sac, earth ouginak or earth osamodas.
If you want to keep someone under gravity state, I'd use a fire ouginak over a foggernaut as they can remove movement points while placing targets under gravity.
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