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Fogg has to be reworked

By SirJosh#2340 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2018, 18:10:38

This is kinda oldschool class rn. He have bad mechanics, bad animations and bad spells. I wanted to play him many times but everytime I try I get confuse and drop it in early stages because when I was looking at spells I am like "Ok, here is ranged spell but why diagonal" or "ok... good damage but no modificable range". His turrects affect enemys... Why lifesafer has to heal enemy? What is the reason to hit me or my allies by my own harpooner. I see only agi variants are good and kinda strong in CC but rest has to be reworked ;/

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I disagree. I've been a fog main since release of the class. I do think the turrets shouldn't "misbehave" , but a full rework is unnecessary.

I'd be fine with tweaks to harpooner, drill, lifesaver so that they dont "misbheave", even if it came at a downside of slightly lower effectiveness on their non triggered spells.

Outside of that, fogs are in a great place right now, and there are many other classes in need of more large scale changes.

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I sure hope they don't rework foggers. Just got a new shiny set.

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Foggernauts have a lot of hidden potential, but they are better suited for PvP rather than PvM based on my experience. I like the class as a whole, their only downside is the turret AI, really.

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