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How do I build and play Foggernaut.

By TheRoughPatch#9285 - SUBSCRIBER - April 08, 2018, 18:01:31

I recently started Dofus, I'm playing on the Shadow server. I do not understand any of the terms (scrolling, 3:1 soft cap), could someone give me a simple explanation on what the heck I'm supposed to be doing?

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Well... don't play shadow server unless you have people to play with, or if you play with multiple accounts (which is probably what most people do on there).. Community is way too small and since 1 lost fight means death, it will get frustrating and borderline impossible to do some of the quests. Especially as a new player, because some fights require you to know how the fight works and if you don't know that then you will lose all your progress. But don't get discouraged on playing shadow based on my opinion, play what makes you happy.

Use dofuswikia, dofuspourlesnoobs (this is french, but a really good guide site. Using a translator to find information on this site will be very helpful.) if you ever get stuck on any of the quests. I'm not linking the sites because I'm not sure if it's allowed, but it should be really easy to find on google

Scrolling refers to your stats (Vitality, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Chance, Wisdom). You can get scrolls from the class temples which you need to buy with Doploons. You can get doploons by doing the dopple fights daily or doing bounty (also pronounced wanted) monsters. Or if you feel like you have alot of money, you can buy them from the Consumable market.

3:1 soft cap, refers to while you are putting your stats up. If you have not noticed yet, all 'elemental stats' (Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Chance) give 1 point for 1 (1:1) and you gain 5 every level up. This goes until 100, at which it will become 2 points for 1 (2:1). at 200 it changes again and becomes 3 points for 1 (3:1). Generally speaking, if you are playing 1 stat, you would get 300 into your main stat and put the rest into vitality (or 100 points into a sub-element that you could use, think of agility for example because that will give you 10 dodge and 10 lock (you get 1 of each for every 10 agi)). 
Vitality is always 1:1 and Wisdom is always 3:1 no matter how much points you put into them.

As far as foggernaut goes, I can't help you on that. I have no experience on that class

I would recommend playing on ilyzaelle if you play on 1 account, very healthy and active server right now.

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I do have a few friends who live far away from me and so we couldn't play together otherwise because of the region locking. They aren't as active as I am though so I've been soloing. Maybe I'll try to make some new friends on it smile

Thank you for explaining the Scrolling and the Soft cap, I don't know anybody on Ilyzaelle yet but maybe I'll switch to there.

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Still hoping someone will be able to explain Foggernaut's builds to me though haha

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Foggernauts has some good combos once you reach higher levels but assuming that you are low level atm i recomend going pure str (200 stat points into str rest vit or wis depending on how fast you want to level up). Your turrets shares the whatever stat you have so if you have good str your harpooner will mostly use str attacks depending on enemy's resists. Life saver heals are mostly depending on it's targets HP higher the vit you have more heals you are going to get, putting points into int does incrase it aswell but not too much. These 2 are the only viable options you can go at low levels. Basicly str= ranged damage with pushback, , int = low-mid range damage with heals. if you do play a lot with your friends and lacking heals in the team go for int if not go for str all the way (for now). Once you unlock more of your spells and understand how foggers work you will be able to make your own builds till then either str or int should be able to get you to that point. If you are p2p you can reset your stats whenever you want so dont hesitate to try new things biggrin. Also i agree with macaulymaster since you are new player,  i would recomend starting in Ilyzaelle or Echo.

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