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Foggernaut - Current Gen Mid-End Game Build?

By Lolitsneal#6458 - SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2019, 19:54:40

Surprising how little actual info there is on Foggernaut class, especially post the addition of the update skill trees. Hoping to start this discussion to see what people have had success with.

To start I am currently level 125ish and have been using pure STR. Early game Anchor damage and range was unrivaled. This combined with Harpooner has gotten through plenty early to mid game content. 

The issue is, post level 100, the "upgrades" to anchor are underwhelming. Anchor's damage severely falls off and Mooring I was hoping would be the fix for it but it just does not feel powerful at all. Then we get Trident and Backwash combo which needs you to be diagonal to the enemy which is also not ideal.

Let me also say. Armor Plating seems absolutely amazing so far. Compared to a fairly mild damage boost that Scaphander provides, the survivability this adds to the class is immense. Is this the common thought on this ability compared to Scaphander?

So lets look at alternatives. Int, Agi or Chance. The better of the two to me at a glance would be int and agi. My question to all of you higher levels Foggers out there is how are the alternate builds to STR? Am I missing something in STR mid to late game that I should look to stay STR?

With AGI, the ability Torpedo and then followed with Corrosion seem SO powerful. Having a 1-5 range knockback followed up with two -mp abilities that all hit harder than Anchor.

Then looking at INT. Having the lifesteal of Pilfer (albeit low damage, but lifesteal) combined with armor plating seems like it would even further enhance survivability beyond. Then add in some decent damage with Surge and Vapour.

INT seems like you would ultimately be giving up some utility and range. While AGI just seems like an all around better build than STR. 

Thanks for your time and input!

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Thank you! I have been feeling the same thing. As a long-term dofus player that's been away from the game for the past year at least and trying to return. The community itself seems smaller, or at least not as active. So it's hard to get good knowledge on the reworked versions of champs.
This helps a lot. I thought of only going str/int mid-late game, but I'll definitely be taking a look at agi build for mid-late

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