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Foggernaut Build - I want to be sure

By Hydrakelley#4718 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 29, 2019, 21:13:22

So today I decided to reset my points already distributed on my character. I was distributing them in chaotic way. I just didn't had enough knowledge and at the end, I wasn't satisfied with build - I had like 60 dmg max on Anchor , 70-80 dmg on Turret and fu*king 900+ health (significantly less from eq than from points).

Recently I started to dig some information about Fog's build and I found out that multi-elemental build is a way to go, especially STR/INT because of high damage and high heal capability (and you don't need to relay on Traps) - correct my if my assumptions were wrong.

So when I knew, where I need to distribute my points I had to know "how much" put in. I heard something about 3:1 in elements (+ scrolls) and rest in VIT (+ scrolls). So it means that I should first put points in STR/INT and after reaching 3:1 start to put points in VIT? If so, rest of stuff like WISDOM or CHANCE or AGILITY should come from EQ?

I will be really glad If someone will put me in the right direction, corrects me etc.

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it seems that u are beginner. i would like ask u about your lvl?

the main thing is that hybrids/omni builds are good but on higher lvl.
At low one u should focus on 1 element which u like the most and WISDOM (even priority at this one, more wis->more exp->faster lvling) coz of very limited access  to items.
ik there are sets like gobbal which gives u int and str but those sets doesnt give u a lot of wis so u will slag with lvl :/

about charakter points the border is 3:1, its just not worth to go for more (usually). 
imo u should go for 1 charakteristick till that and then go for vit or wis depending on your play style,expl:
-got problem with survi ->go vit,
-mobs doesnt even touch u-> go wis,
u over killing mobs! -> u even can drop some element and add it into wis.
also u have to remember that points are flexible now, u always can add points to stat which u need. expl: u need 60int to use limbo wand (gives mp, ap, rang) but u arent int solution is just add 60charakter points to int instead of vit coz items stats are worth more than this few points biggrin

about scrolls the best way is get wis at first coz u always have value from that, no matter what build u are and then stat which fits to your build and vit then rest.

imo the first good omni set with nice bunch of wis is around lvl 150, maybe u can get somthink faster but not sure.. at lvl ~90 there is a royal rainbow set which seems to be ok, mayby u can fill rest of eq and it will be fine, who knows. keep in mind that 1% stat called POWER is like 1 int, 1 str, 1agi, 1 chance but only in dmg case, u dont get additional effekts liek extra healing, ini, dodge/lock, pods.pp. 

My gf and a lot of friends used this set:

set descryptions:
amu-> most use element
shield-> fits to your play styl
trophy-> what u need
**this set should fit on most of charakters and builds and can by use even till lvl 19x -tested with nice results.

sorry for that text wall ;/

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My level currently is 56. So going one element (one that is more suitable for me) and WISDOM is better option?

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Yes, the wisdom is optional depending on if you want damage or leveling, but definitely just use 1 element until 100+. As shadow mentioned, once you reach the point where it takes 3 points for 1 in your element of choice, the optimal build is to put the rest of your points in vitality. 

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I am like 150 atm, but at lower levels I remember STR being king.

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