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Class Improvement - Foggernaut

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:59

This topic is intended to gather your ideas and suggestions on improvements to the Foggernaut class.
Please, keep in mind that class balancing focuses on both PvP and PvM at once.

Ankama intervention 2

Your feedback indicates that Foggernauts are very fun to play. However, to you, this class does not seem very viable in PvE and even less so in PvP. The fire mode is said to be the least fun despite viability that seems higher to you than the other modes in PvP.

In the forums:
According to your feedback in the forums, a few changes are necessary, even though the class is very appreciated by the community at the moment.

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Score : 140

Foggernauts are supposed to be tactician specialists. I think it really would help the class be what they are meant to be, if they could use all six turret types in their spellkit. Or let two turrets be in evolution 3 at the same time. Foggernauts are probably the most underplayed class right now. It's because they have no damage, not good enough healing, not good enough overall positioning, their 2AP buff is an huge AP sink and it can't even be cast on the foggernaut themselves to help with this. I love this class to death but it doesn't take a lot to see that they are missing the draw that makes people stick with them. 

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Score : 550

Foggs do a lot of stuff well but they do nothing great. The class needs a pretty large buff, in my opinion, to be able to compete with other classes on any playing field. 

Also, please just make the turrets not hit allies or heal/shield enemies. There's no reason for it.

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Score : 949

"Foggs do a lot of stuff well but they do nothing great" 
I don't know about that man, I can do 4k damage in 1 turn with the pushback system currently. and I'm not even in much of a pushback set. Hell even agi pushback looks bad ass as hell. definitely the kings of pushback IMO!

Also doing lots of stuff Well but not great is the definition of versatility. oh and giving your whole team 1k shields and 2AP seems to be better than "Well" to me, Idk just saying. 

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Score : 4597

Foggernauts have some spells that are too situational or much worse than their variants. For example, Drill, Assistance, Recursive, Periscope's variant, and Rescue. I think these spells should get buffed or redesigned.

I was pretty excited about getting some MP removal ability - even though more and more classes are getting them, having 3 MP removal spells in one class seems promising, and this ability is extremely useful in PvM. However the current effectiveness of these spells is somewhat disappointing. Corrosion's MP removal amount is too low for its AP cost and low range. Trawler's special spell looks good in theory but isn't very reliable, and the Foggernaut won't know the result until after finishing the turn. The placement of Trawler is also a tough decision: if it's close to teammates, it will keep attracting them, and if it's close to enemies, it will easily die before getting evolved.

Short-Circuit and Hypertensions are very good additions which help make the game play of the class more dynamic. I think it would be nice if the other AOE spells also had interactions with turrets.

Here are some specific suggestions. All of them combined would probably be too powerful, but they're just some ideas.

Drill - Change casting range to be similar to Harpooner. Still attacks only in straight line, but half of damage dealt heals the caster.
Assistance - Remove linear requirement.
Periscope's variant - Increase range or damage.
Rescue - Increase healing, usable at 0 range, only one use per target.
Corrosion - Increase MP removal to 4, or change it to MP steal.
Trawler - Increase casting range to be same as Tacturret, add an effect to special spell which lowers target's MP loss resistance by 10 for 2 turns, stackable.
Vapor - If target is a turret, the turret immediately uses non-special spells like it would on its turn. At the beginning of the turret's turn, its AP is restored, and cast limits are reset, so it would take its turn again as normal.
Froth - If target is a turret, the turret receives a temporary evolution. It's devolved on the next turn. This effect does not stack. If the turret also receives Evolution or Transition in the same turn, it still evolves only once total. 
Seizing - If the target is a turret, the turret receives 20% less damage for a turn.

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Score : 1405

I love my fogger, I play an int one as main. I have a problem with the class though. It excels at being mediocre at everything. This is also a thing that I love. I'd love another look at the turrets. The trawler and drill don't get a lot of use, don't think I ever used them long-term.

Maybe make the trawler a buff turret. In evolution 3 it would:
Give % based damage reduction for 2 turns if someone has salt armour.
Give % based damage buff if you cast ambush/sonar on an ally. (Would need to remove friendly fire from ambush. ).
This way you have 3 "Damage" turrets. (Harpooner, Drill, Tacturret) and 3 "Support" turrets. (Lifesaver, Bathyscape, Trawler).

A life-steal spell would also be nice, or another way to stay alive (Aside from shields).

I'd love fogger to focus more on all-round buffs instead of damage, but keeping ambush and scuttle etc for some damage opportunity.

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The accompanying graphic allows us to view the results of this first survey for the Foggernaut class.

  • Dommages - Damage
  • Survie (soin, protection, et tanking) - Survival (healing, protection, and tanking)
  • Amélioration - Improvements
  • Placement - Placement
  • Entrave - Debuffer
  • Vision actuelle - Current vision
  • Vision idéale - Ideal vision

In red, you can see the ideal vision you have for each class role. The blue profile presents the current vision and feeling in the game.

Like most classes, Foggernauts have two similar (but not identical) profiles – the class as it is today is broadly in line with what players expect.

It is noted, however, that players feel that the class should be a little more powerful, in all aspects except survival, than it is today.

The diagram represents one of the elements taken into account upon reflection; your comments allow us to provide a more-concrete vision that is closer to the in-game reality.
We'd also like to remind you that in order to solve perception divergences, nerfing and upping aren't the only tools we have at our disposal.

You can see the class comparison on the main topic.
Score : 1405

I'd give up debuffing completely for more buffs, being the support fogger that I am tongue Looks about right that diagram, looking forward to what you will do with the info,

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Score : 1267

I think a lot of key notes have been hit in this thread.

  1. I do not believe there is a point anymore to turrets hurting allies and healing enemies. Foggernauts should have made advancements by now to at least "develop an AI" to solve that issue. Even lore-wise it would  make sense.
  2. The Trawler's MP Reduction skill at Evolution III should be lightly changed. Maybe reduce the MP reduced but make it unable to dodge. MP Removal usually has to have just the right amount to be strong. Right now the Trawler's MP removal is not guaranteed, and can sometimes be useless. As the tank turret, another option would be to remove Dodge from enemies, take damage for allies, or even possibly remove resistances from enemies.
  3. If we follow the idea in #1, Dreadnaut would become useless. With that in mind, I propose a new spell for turret mobility. The spell was already a turret spell, so replacing it with another would make sense. Maybe something like, "For X turns, your targeted turret becomes controllable and can move with Y MP. Cooldown Z turns." This new spell would have a lot of value with each turret type that Foggernaut currently has.
  4. Hypertension should have the starting cooldown removed. The idea about Hypertension is that you have to go fast and burst a turret out. I have not had much success with it because of the lengthy starting cooldown. I think maybe making it a 1 or 2 turn cooldown would help the usability of the spell.
  5. Scaphander is a sort of soft buff. It would be nice if it changed the AP removed > MP gained effect to instead be MP removed > AP gained, or possibly AP gained > MP gained to have synergy with the Bathyscaphe support builds. One of those or even possibly remove the effect entirely or make it single target only, and improve the damage and pushback damage part of the buff.
  6. Short-Circuit seems like a more important spell to the Foggernaut as a whole and less as an elemental line choice. Maybe rework it to either be a support spell or possibly make it function like the Harpooner/Drill turret in that it can hit in all elements but it chooses the best one.
  7. Lower turret resistances but make them all even, so every enemy has a fair chance at destroying them while also not having your turret randomly get destroyed from being very weak to one specific element.

I've recently started playing again, and leveled a Foggernaut all the way from the beginning. I tried mono builds, support builds, omni builds, and even pushback builds. My feedback is mostly targeted at the class as a whole. I don't think these are crazy changes that are ludicrously broken, but just enough to push Foggernaut in the right direction. Thank you for your time in reading my post!
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Score : 1405

I agree with everything in this post. Nice writeup smile

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Your feedback indicates that Foggernauts are very fun to play. However, to you, this class does not seem very viable in PvE and even less so in PvP. The fire mode is said to be the least fun despite viability that seems higher to you than the other modes in PvP.

In the forums:
According to your feedback in the forums, a few changes are necessary, even though the class is very appreciated by the community at the moment.

Score : 83

tbh i love the fog i cant seem to put it down but the main issues im finding is i dont like using grapel because it only works on turrets, i would find it much more useful if we could pull of enermies and allies or even just allies and turrets instead of just turrets .. and ambush is the main spell for im worrying you will change that .... i aalso feel like we dont have a agilong range dmg spell like we have  cha/int/str but no agi and just think it could be useful ..and my final thing would probly be the buffs we have 2 buffs one is for like 25dmg and 1mp if ap is ruduced fro you but in the hole 2 years on fog i think iv probly gained more mp about 50times and my last thing would probly be the last spell that pushed back 4 spaces i dont think iv ever used it never really found a use for it
but yeah apart frothat i dunno what els and but im looking forward to finding out

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Score : 897

start with something simple.
don't make turrets hit allies/heal enemies.
Getting hit by my own turrets completely makes my Ivory Dofus worthless.

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Score : 165

Ankama I think you have a strong dislike for this class, please give steamer some love

Regards, an unpowered steamer

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Score : 46

Just remove the turrets damaging you/healing allies and the class would be improved tenfold. You should be able to work with your turrets not around them. Then you can make dreadnaut a different spell as well.

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Score : 4597

Here are my thoughts about the changes to Foggernaut on beta

One of the major changes was changing the summoning range and cost of all turrets to be the same. On one hand this made Drill and Trawler more competitive, which was needed. On the other hand, this is a large nerf to Short-Circuit and Seizing spells, which effectively require 1 more AP to cast and have shorter range.

Another nerf to the agi build is that Short-Circuit and Torpedo become variants, so only one can be in use. (For builds that only use Torpedo to push back, this is a great change as it can be used as well as Backwash.) The agi build didn't seem to be particularly powerful before, and it definitely is not now, so I think there should be some buff to its arsenal to compensate for the nerfs.

The change to special spells and end-of-turn buffs from turrets could potential be big power ups for the class, which I think is needed.

Although many players asked for friendly fire from turrets to be removed, this annoyance still remains except for evolution 3 turrets. It becomes even more of a problem at low levels, because now Evolution has a short range, so low level Foggernauts with 3/4 MP and low HP and resistance must stay near the harpooner for at least 2 turns to evolve it, during which time they can easily be killed by their own harpooner.

The update gives Foggernauts another spell to move turrets, which doesn't seem necessary considering we already have a large number of positioning spells which can work on turrets. I would have preferred a more useful ability.

The Periscope variant finally becomes competitive. I think First Aid's variant also needs similar changes.

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Score : 41

%30 erosion or -1 effect duration with tons of damage. What that... need to be nerf

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Score : 46

The evolution range nerf is horrible, how are we supposed to survive those 2 turns and buff the turret to level 3? Going from 10 range to 4 range is just terrible.

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Score : 5296

They've made the variant the long-range version. Which I do think was just very lazy on Ankama's part, rather than thinking of an actual new spell tongue

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Score : 82

Insane ranged damage with - effect duration. I hope this class will be nerfed

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