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PvM Fogger - Omni, Hybrid, or Pure Build Question

By Benja-might#5358 - SUBSCRIBER - August 07, 2019, 21:54:59

I have a 4 man PvM team (Rogue, Xel, Cra, and Fogger), which I started all at the same time.  To make a long story short, I created my Fogger as Str, after a while, switched to Int (for heals on my team), then decided to try chance, and then ended up back at Int (needed the heals back after a Masq. wasn't cutting it).  

With that said, my Fogger is almost level 90 now, and even though he is a blast to use - I'm not too impressed with my damage as an Int build.  I'm hoping someone who has a lot more experience with a Fogger than me might be able to give me some tips for down the road.  Does an Int. Fogger do well as a pure build, or will he always feel sub-par in the damage department?  Should I consider a different single element or go hybrid?  And the last question - are Omni Foggers a thing for PvM?

Thanks so much... I had never played this class prior to 2 months ago (was an Iop runner for many many years), and the variety of things to do is awesome!

Happy Hunting,

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