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How good are Elios on Pvm?

By InkSix - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 01, 2015, 23:26:24

So. I got myself an Eliotrope from the class change system and I'm quite happy with my new character.
I got rid of my Int/Str Sram and I kept his build on the Elio.
Earth/Str is Ok on Elio even tho people only build them full Agi.
Honestly, I don't think I need the dodge I can get from Agi, and also, since I play duo with my Agi Rogue, I didn't want to pick Agi on the Elio too.
The damages from Int are huge and Str gives me alot of utility. But I feel that the class is lack of something on PvM.
It's AOEs are kind of lame and very situational, which makes mobing really hard with him.
But my question is:
Is the problem with the build itself? Because by seeing the other elements spells I don't think they actually change a thing when the subject is to mob.
I suppose the classe itself isn't that great for such task or is it?

Edit: Don't get me wrong, the class AND the build are awesome for killing Bosses. The problem I'm with is to kill big amounts of mobs.

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I have an Eliotrope myself too, level 200. I built it full agi and I like it for both pvp and pvm.
I haven't played other element yet since I am in love with the agi Eliotropes.
I think Eliotropes are just as usefull as for pvp as pvm. In pvm you can simply place some portals and since its pvm and not pvp I mostly dont turn my portals off and let my team use them too.
You can easy 1 turn mobs that way. For example I was fighting korri mobs last week and my Eliotrope just killed a Fungore with 5600 hp in his turn by using portals. Say what? Yes, I did 5600 dmg in 1 turn.
Portals are an amazing thing in my opinion. To come back at your question; I checked out the Eliotrope's class page and checked out his spells and I have come to an conclusion;
Str build: low dmg compaired to the other 3 elements.
Int build : nice dmg BUT high ap cost for spells ( 5ap )
Chance build : Nice range with Affliction, and Audacious has no LoS needed.
Agi build : Insult has AoE which is kinda nice for pvm, bullying can push away/pull etc and Ridicule has nice dmg for only 4ap. ( compaired to int spells which are 5ap )
So in my opinion, chance and agi are best builds for Eliotropes, reason I chose agi over chance is that even though Audacious has no LoS, it has 4 range while Ridicule has 6 range. And Ridicule tralamaladingashoundoundings mp when an enemy goes through a portal.

At the end its your choice, I always tell people to choose the class and build they think is the most fun to play, and don't choose whats the best.
I hope you can do something with this information.
Have fun playing your eliotrope tongue

~Silent-Knight, Silent-Elio, Silent-Healz.

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