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Looking for a help

By March 17, 2015, 16:59:40

I'm completly new here and I wanted to ask you about sth. I'm looking for a good guide/build for Elio. I don't need any proofs why you choose these skills. I'm here for 3 days so I'm not even able to understand your choices at all, just tell me for what skills should I go. It would be nice if you will tell me precisely how should I add characteristic points, for example: 2 WIS, 3 INT. Like I said before I'm totally new here and it have to be explained step by step. I'm specially into in INT build.
I'm counting on you, guys! Thanks.
I'm sorry for my tragic English.

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If you want to play an int build, then all your stat points should go into int in the beginning.

Spell points should therefore go into the int damage spells. I started off with Wakfu Ray and Offence, just for being able to do damage. Parasite is at level 80, which might be a little while if you have only been around 3 days? Neutral is very useful, and leveling Portal only increases the damage boost so it can wait a little while. After that, I think you should level what spells you find the most useful, which you can only find out by trying things out.

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