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Where to put my stat points?

By ZemmiPhobie - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 29, 2015, 20:11:53

Hey peeps,

My agility Eliotrope just hit lvl 73 and I must say it's a blast! I absolutely love the class, it's so much fun and powerful at the same time! Now the thing is I've been saving kamas for a while, and soon I'll have enough to fully scroll agility and wisdom. Now I'm looking for recommendations to put my saved stat points in, since I don't think it's worth it to spend 4 points to 1 agility.. So what did you guys do? I'm thinking about either vitality or chance (chance seems like a good hybrid, but I might hybrid with int). Any advice is welcome!

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Take agility to a total of 300 (400 including scrolling) and then pump the rest into Vit. If you were going to hybridise, then for now, 200 into each element (300 including scrolling) then slowly keep improving them

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