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Let's play an Eliotrope!

By CoolRay - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 24, 2015, 00:36:45

Based on what I have experienced, Eliotropes are one of the most diverse classes in the game. With their high damage, healing, and manipulation, where's their trade off? They are the hardest class to learn in the game. I have played until 180+ and I still mess up my portals sometimes. Using portals optimally will not only make you deal more damage, but your allies will also deal more damage.

Eliotropes are a team type of class. Like Eniripsas, they provide a lot of damage buffs and obscure amounts of healing if your allies can adapt to the Eliotrope's erratic playstyle.

The build I am presenting here is a pure agility build. This will be your base build until end game.

You will want to max your spells in this order:
Mutual Aid

Soft Caps:
Put points into Agility until it hits +300 agility. After that, put all points into Health.


Fire in the Hole!: Use 1 Portal near you enemy and then run behind a obstacle. Use portal near yourself and then use Ridicule twice on your opponent through the portal.

Not even close baby!: To do this, you need to have more than 1 portal on the field. Go through the portal to deactivate it. Then spawn two portals in front and behind of you. Use insult on the portals so it hits you twice. You will gain a bunch of HP, a great healing technique when you get low.

Hail Mary!: To do this, step through a portal so you get close to an enemy. Then spawn two portals nearby and position them so one is diagnol to you and in front of your enemy. The spawn another portal behind you and use insult. You will deal high damage to your enemy while healing yourself.

Get over here!: Spawn a portal 3 cells linear in front of you. Then spawn a portal 2 cells from an enemy in the same direction as you are facing the portal. Use Bullying on the portal, the push will shove the enemy into the portal and right in your face, allowing you to use 2 Insults on them for tons of damage.

When you hit end game (190+), you will want to max the following in this order:

For equipment, Use Toady set, Coco Blop Set and a Mad Tofu Cloak. After that, use a full white rat set combined with a gelano. Adjust your build as you see fit from there. At 180, get a Mopy King hood, Tanuki San Necklace, Zoth Warrior Axe, Mopy King cloak, Tengu Snowfoux boots, Bherbal Bherb Belt, Major Gymnast, Nomad, Shaker, and Major Stunter. When you hit 188, replace Mopy King hood with a Sleet Helmet.

At level 200, you will completely change your build to Omni to allow more diversity to your already diverse play style. First reset your stats so you can put ALL your points into Health. Get a Maskrobial, Kapmeba, Peccary Blade, Belteen, Treadfast amulet and boots, Harish Bracelet and Father Whupper's ring. Top yourself off with a Karmeleon, Jackanapes, Shaker, Nomad, Major Vigor, Major Dynamo, Major Powerhouse and a Crimson Dofus. If you followed this build, you will have 900+ power, 11 AP, 5 MP (Try to get MP exo) and over 6000 HP. You won't have much Initiative, but that doesn't matter as you want to go last. Going last will allow you to plan a bit better where your opponents will be with portals and will be easier to establish who to focus down first.

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I would say that you shouldn't level Portal first as all it changes is the damage buff you get and at lower levels, the other spells are more worth levelling.

And I do like some of those strategies very much. I've personally used the Not even close baby! and the Get over here! countless times.

As an agility eliotrope I don't think you can actually use any set that doesn't involve the class belt. It allows for so many more possibilites with non linearity on Bullying and no need for LoS on Ridicule.

And why would we level Audacious, Parasite and Therapy?

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Well an Omni build can use many other spells than the 3 agi one we currently have.

Parasite punishes people who are going to go through a portal to escape. Especially useful in pvm.

Audacious has no LoS and higher base damage than Ridicule. This will allow you to snipe easier without the limitation of LoS from your portals

And Therapy is your long range healing spell. I am going to max it last since I only use it to top off healing or as a leek pie substitute.

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I never really understood the omni build for eliotrope, it just lowers the already lowish damage (without portals).

Parasite makes sense, Audacious has lower base damage than Ridicule; 30-33 vs. 30-34 and when you use the cyclone belt you get no LoS on Ridicule and 2 extra range above Audacious.

And now that you mention it, if I have any spare spell points I'll probably end up levelling Therapy

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For the belt however, you have to sacrifice stats for it, which in turn lowers your stats.

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That's true, I guess it depends on your playstyle. I mean at 196, my Elio has 1090 (will be 1100 once I hit 198) agility, 130 power, 4k vit (will be 4.2k at 198), 11/6 and am using the class belt.

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Reaper, can u share ur equips for agi elio? I assume u put stats 300agi n redt to vit right?

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