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Kolossium Agility Eliotrope

By mersif2987 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 11, 2015, 22:49:12

Hey guys, I have a question about agility elios,

So I'm a huge PvP fan and one of the reasons I made an elio was cuz of their great teambased PvP... I had an agi Iop that did huge amounts of damage but low vitality so ended up dying before getting to deal any damage (besides the point). Anyway I run 9/5 and agililty at 570 with decent hp... one thing I've noticed though is that through all 4 portals (level 90 elio) I do about 270-300 damage per Ridicule... thinking of running 10 ap since i dont get enough ap to double ridicule and nuetral.

My question is... is my damage good enough for kolo, and whats a good hp standard to go by when doing kolo? currently Im at 1100 hp. Thanks guys!

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The most difficult thing to do for an eliotrope in team based pvp like perc fights and what you mentioned above is portal placement, All players who have played eliotrope knows that 4 portals means more damage output then with 2 portals out or as long you have more distance between each portal. The most annoying thing you have to keep in mind is enemies can also use your portals against you which you're more likely to leave open because of your teammates to use them. The key train of thought is always place your 1st portal far off the side or against a wall, then your 2nd portal close enough to 1st portal; but bit more out in open, and the 2nd portal shouldn't be close to 3rd portal unless you're in the middle of the map and you use stretching to place the 4th portal way to the enemy side. This means you can allow your allies to use the 2nd portal and sometimes the 3rd portal to hurt the enemies. On the enemy's perspective. If they try to use your 4th portal you placed which is considered their closest portal for them to use, the spell ends up going through your 1st portal since its the farthest away while your allies are camping around the 2rd and 3rd portals to bring havoc among your foes. On the enemy team, if there happens to be a class like eni, osa, etc. near your farthest portal, you should bully that person inside which then the enemy is adjacent in front of you. You are agility which has great dodge/lock, therefore, you run 2 cells around the enemy to neutral both portals closest to you, and place a lvl 5 cawwot behind you for a strong lock. You separated this player from the other team and can easily blitz with not much harm done making your fight in a better favor. A good player that knows how to fight against eliotropes will always take the opportunity to stand on top of your portal with their character or static summon to prevent you from being able to hit them through the portal or weaken your overall damage. When does this usually happen? The spell neutral enables you to close your portal for that turn which then allows you or the enemy to stand on top of it without being teleported inside to another portal on the map. Moon hammer is highly recommended to get since it has higher range then ridicule slightly and it can make a big difference if your portals dont reach close enough to your enemy to ridicule, bully, or insult them (costs 6 ap to use, but its usually a situational spell when you have to use it). Assuming from your dofus forum avatar that you are a current Rushu player, It is highly recommended to have at least 2000 hp but still decent agi. Achieve maximum agility on your gear as possible while overmaging vitality to a greater extent. Another thing to keep in mind, stupor is one of the most underrated spells for all builds of eliotrope. It is is extremely handy when an iop, eca, sram, etc. tries to run right in front of you to attack you but get sent back all the way to your farthest portal which results in a wasted turn for them and buys you more time. Another way you can use this spell, is place stupor inside of one of your existing portals and use shock to send enemy to your side if you can't seem to use the bully + active portal approach in certain situations. Last way to use the spell is when you already placed 2 pre-existing portals that turn and you need to escape to other side of map. If anything I said happens to be confusing, let me know if you want further clarity on it or if you have any other questions regarding eliotrope. Wish you the best.

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