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elio as primary healer

By Koekzak - SUBSCRIBER - January 22, 2016, 11:53:51

Hey guys,

How would an Elio be as primary healer in a 4-man team? I currently have a 199 feca, almost 200. Will switch to omni if i can get the kamas. A str iop 193. A cha/agi cra 193. Once those are 199 I might make a new char to finish a 4-man team.what I lack is heals so how is an Elio as primary healer of this team?

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I wouldn't recommend it, healing with portals can be awkward unless you're really confident in your positioning. They seem better as an off-healer with a healing weapon or just being int, than a primary, not to mention their heals are % based so erosion will hinder their healing in long fights. If you want a primary healer that isn't an eni, the next best healer is debatably a foggernaut or int eca.

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