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Enemy Portal AI

By Benja-might - SUBSCRIBER - February 26, 2016, 16:44:23

I've been GREATLY enjoying my Elio addition to my team, but I remember one of my fears in the beginning was not being able to predict the enemies spell attacks through portals against me. Now that I've been playing the class a while, I'm thinking my fear was un-needed.

When it comes to PvM AI and Elio Portals... do enemies ever send their spell attacks through the portals like I do? Or do they only have AI for walking through them? I have enemies run through the portals all the time, but I can't recall any of them actually sending a spell through them? I've only played up through the first 3 Frigost dungeons so far, so maybe higher level enemies do?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

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I have only played a few hours on Elio. I am wondering the same thing. 

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No, they aren't programmed to hit through portals at all. Maybe they might do it but only accidentally and not with the intention to use portal damage against characters.

From my experience there was only 1 time when a mob in tox dungeon (scoliopode?) decided to pull a character via portals just to go through portal and continue hitting in close combat. It looked more like an accidental use of portals.

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replying over 2 years after the post, 10/10

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That's  I'm the one that posted this 2-years ago too, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw it moved up the thread!

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