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anti Eliotrope

By Axcel0 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 06, 2017, 09:46:45

Hi, ive been playing eliotrope sense they have come out and im curious if any one have been having problems fighting these classes and if any of you have methods of fighting you would use on them in particular

the classes are:

Will aprechiate your feed back.

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This class was a fiasco.
Don't get me wrong; it is awesome to have an Eliotrope on your PvE team, but on PvP it have way too many weaknesses. Fighting summoners is a nightmare because you have to set your portals in a way where you're able to hit the summon and the summoner with the AP you have left. Their AOE are mediocre and losing your PMs will destroy you.
Mutual Aid is just great against Osas, since you'll stack AP. But I guess you know that.
Also, the Air build is the best against Osas, because you won't be locked as much.
Having a good weapon is crucial against Osas, because their summons will usually take your portals and stand next to you. So you can trip back to the one next to the Osa, close your portals and CQC him. Their summons will take a while to catch you up and you'll do some free damage. Eliotropes don't use weapons too much so you'll think you don't need to invest in the best one. But trust me, you do.
I don't think there's a counterplay against Sadidas and Enus. To lose your PM hurts you way too much, so yeah, aside from building a set with loads of resistances for that there's not much you can do.
I don't have much experience against Foggers but I can't remeber having trouble to beat one. They're not like Osas and Sadidas who can snowball the longer the match goes. So their ability to extend fighting by healing themselves was never really a problem for me, because I could outdamage them and heal myself too.
Huppermages are mostly melee with limited mobility.They are really bad against classes that don't summon, because they won't be able to cast Polarity and their only mobility spell have a 3 turns cooldown. So my tip is: Don't summon. Don't give them a Dopple to Telefrag. They cannot outdamage an Eliotrope without getting close to cast Elemental Drain. Keep your distance; push them away and remeber that they are melee.
Hope this intel helps you somehow.

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So...elios are a fiasco because they have a disadvantage against a couple of classes? Because that sounds pretty fair to me.

Additionally, not every hupper build is melee. Earth has very good range.

Anyway...I don't have much to offer in the way of advice, except this: in kolo, you can use your portals to help team mates circumvent the summons of those 3 classes, and rush the summoner. Or pull them towards your team. Those are your best options, as all 3 summoning classes hate being at close combat, and you can go right through their defenses with portals..assuming, that is, that they haven't summoned too much yet. The more they summon, the harder it will be, but if you manage to make a path for them early, they will likely die.

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Hahahahaa, it's a fiasco? Look for insta-no in youtube and keep saying eliotrope is a fiasco in pvp

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Sorry, but anyone who says Eliotropes are a fiasco hasn't invested the time or tactical thought in how to play them under varied conditions.  Granted, some recent changes have made few
things a bit more tricky, but I continue to maintain that properly played and tactically employed Everything in the game with a lick of sense should run and hide from any Eliotrope of an equal level.
The "trick" is knowing your opponent, Mob or player, and being able to match and exceed their skills.
Too many people charge headlong into fights, not knowing what they can do, and even less about what the opposition can do.
Victory and power are the two things everyone craves. Those who expect to get handed one or both with only a higher level number are going to be sorry. Playing an  Eliotrope takes thought, mostly the ability to think on your feet, and sometimes, just by reflex after some experience. I have found that the best  Eliotrope players also play games like chess, and they also do well at games like Go, also
But I've also noticed that most of the players who have to study more would also have trouble with "tic-tac-toe" because they have problems detecting patterns in movement and basic strategic thinking.
That and fighting Eliotropes in tight corners is another common problem.

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I just wanna point out that this guy/gal right here has like 10 eliotropes on his account and ONLY eliotropes. Granted none are over level 100, but still... awesome biggrin He/She definitely loves Elio's

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