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Eliotrope on low lvls

By SirJosh - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 24, 2017, 11:45:40

Hi! I have a huge problem. I have played Eliotrope (Insta-No inspired me, look at his YT channel lol) but I feel like agi elio has super-uber problems on low lvls (like 30-90) with everything. I couldnt even do solo dungeon 20lv on lv 57. It's all about lack of skill I could use. In my opinion Elio should have Ridicule faster, max 60lv. It's main skill that Elio need to learn with portals. As experience goes and elio user learn how to use portals as well, on 90lv should be skill Bullying because this skill isnt that helpful as it should be. Ankama has to rework abit elio's, it's painful to play and not even enjoying it sad Any tips?

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Try a different build? :d you don't have to be agi

Intel gets their main attack (Offence) almost immediately

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