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Is everyone still sticking with pure agi after the inclusion of variants?

By TheRyctre - SUBSCRIBER - December 05, 2017, 20:25:13

Hello fellow portalers,

I'm currently a 11X Agi Elio on Fraktal (a mono server for those unaware). I really like agi because of the dodge/lock, but ridicule is now 22-26 for 4 ap, super weak, and will remain that way until 141.

With the changes, what elements are everyone considering?

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Ridicule is only slightly worse at your level than it was prior to the update, and you're going to find the exact same issue with every element, so I'm not sure there's a solution.

As far as elements, I played Agility up until the 190s because it's always been the most popular, but later changed to Int to fill a healing role. Having played both, I can say that I prefer Intelligence overall, even when soloing.

Agility classes have better weapon support overall, but I found I was doing more effective damage overall using Parasite + Offense/2 Wakfus through portals than trying to swing four solid shots into an enemy each round. With the removal of the Portal State requirements, Int is even that much better.

Other than that, I would still never recommend Chance, and if you wanted to play Earth, there are a dozen other classes that do it better.

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Lvl 130 eliotrope right now on lacrima (monoaccount) - was agi pre-update and for some time post 2.45 as well. I stuck with agi for a time since insult does incredible damage (at my level).

I have swapped to agi/int combo to spice things up a bit and although I'm doing less damage right now the versatility is great - ability to self heal whilst damaging enemies is awesome. Some of the int spells are a bit meh though.

There's another eli in my guild playing chance and tribulation (105) makes a big difference to PVM. Think most chance elis will get a huge boost in damage upon reaching lvl 180 (composure), which hits a ton. There's also sinecure at lvl 140 but i'm not sure if the water damage is based on +str or +cha... guess ill find out soon!

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