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Possible/viable number elements for an Eliotrope?

By Kait-Diaz - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 23, 2019, 15:00:18

So... I recently got my Eliotrope leveled to 157 and was looking for what equipment I could use for it, if I wanted to use all four elements. But now, I've been uncertain if that's actually a good idea since my damage potential seems underwhelming for that level range to say the very least.

So, my question is : How many elements is it viable to take for an Eliotrope until, if not including, Level 200? Personally, I prefer having more elements for more variety in playstyle but seeing that at least around Level 150, trying to use all four elements with it will result in some rather underwhelming(to me) damage numbers compared to other classes, I wasn't sure if that's actually a viable idea at that or any level. I'd prefer to avoid mono-elemental builds if at all possible, though.

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