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How to play eliotrope?

By mokon - SUBSCRIBER - February 12, 2020, 22:33:45

So Im a returning player only ever got up to level 105-130 and all the classes except iop look completely changed. So ive been going through all the classes to see what they can do and I've notice that eliotropes seem to be worthless?

My reasoning for this is every class Ive gone through incarnam, at level 20-22 ive done the dungeon with 0 stat allocated on any of them with just basic adventure gear at best. All of them soloed it with no issues except the eilotrope. With the eliotrope I decided to speed up the process and go in with all of my stats allocated for the first run i ever did with them. They almost died in every room up to the boss room where they got absolutely shut down. So this leads me to believe they are terrible since they should of been so much stronger then any of the other classes when they entered that dungeon.

Now maybe there is a class mechanic that I dont know about that just makes them amazing but unfortunately the class mechanic page is currently broken and dofus doesnt seem to have that info on the website either

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