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Hupper Solo - viable?

By Freefish#4910 - SUBSCRIBER - June 21, 2016, 15:44:32

Hi guys,

I´m planning to go for a Hupper on a new server.
As I don´t have any lvl grp there my question is if Huppermages are viable in soloing pvm.
Later on I´ll focus on colo.

Can you recommend any build for soloing until around 160?

On the other hand, maybe my bro will join me lveling on the new server. What about possible duo teams including a huppermage?
He likes Masq and Sram - is it decent? Or better go for another comb?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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hupper is certainly a viable solo class, i myself have just restarted the game and i have managed to level my hupper to 160 in a couple weeks primarily by solo leveling. it is a very versatile class once you get the hang of the states and the way you can move yourself/enemys around using the various elements, with massive self buffs and some awesome sinlge target damage ( with AoE life steals in each element so not to be sniffed at!)

but on the plus side, they are so cute!

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Huppermage (I) can ever soloing lv 1k group mobs in Pettry and Asparah... *an accident; got aggro!" lmao

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