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New Huppermage back after 7 years

By Taint - SUBSCRIBER - July 16, 2018, 09:14:25

Hey can anyone give me any tips on what  element to level and what points should be allocated to each element ty! (Sorry I'm relativly lost after coming back)

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The class' kit suggests that it's supposed to be played omni. It is very fun and versatile.
The elemental combinations genarate effects that sometimes are better than just raw damage.
But you can go any elemental path you want, they are all very similar.

On low levels there are not many multi elemental sets that are worth using, so I suggest you to go mono elemental and change your build later.
Just pick the element that pleases you most, there are not much a difference between their playstyles aside from being ranged and melee.

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there is a bunch of ways you can play the hups and i would suggest you a “delta” kind of progression: start mono, go bi-curious with some other element and eventually master them all. You can respec your stats indefinitely and can move around builds based on the sets you find.

before level 100 in my opinion the best gear is chance, also luckily for you the strongest damaging spells on the hupper are water; downside is: that god-awful range. BUT i’ll tell ya, as a player who spites melee and would kite even with a fire feca i found it dreadful only the first levels, but after getting something like a salt’n’battery and a seemyol (new mount that gives mp instead of vitality) i run around with 6mp all the time and almost never have troubles with such a thing as reaching my opponents.
another upside of water as a first element is the synergy with elemental drain: 8ap gives ya stalag+drain+stalag or glacier and 9 ap allows you to throw that lvl60 puller into the combo.

any other element is technically viable but the damage ain’t as good. i think fire has very fun spells, you can do sth like flamethrower+polarity+aoe steal spell to the central enemy of three surrounding you in melee, for example.

the most used elemental duos are air/water and fire/earth for their damage modulation in the combo effects; some combos are more contextually useful, better to learn them by heart.

my idea of playing the class is to not let yourself fixate on the element you’re raising the most, so for example even if my gear gives cha and i am gradually investing in agi, i sometimes need to pull tricks using other elements; for example there are challenges or achievements extremely annoying for my character like zombie, limpwrist (don’t end adjacent to enemies) or nomad, where i seldom have to use pushback from melee (earth or fire, seldom air, state+polarity) or i need not to come into melee at all so i restat before the last room and put my points into agi so that i can play in mid-range and dodge easier.

i’m level 90ish now but in the future i plan to experiment with elemental duos, like i thought depending on my fortunes i could get the ancestral set and play some water/earth combo, later who knows maybe something like air/fire with tengo set or fire/earth with soft oak before trying to go omni at lategame. the possibilities are quite vast frankly. everything is playable if you like it enough and you can always change stats and gear anyway so there’s very little room for screwing up wink

i hope it was helpful
oh by the way if you play on ilyza and want to ask me stuff dm me anytime, my in-game name is Domyon!

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