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How to make a Huppermage Multi-Element Build?

By Flame-z#7858 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2022, 02:41:32

Hello everyone! I used to play Dofus about a little more than 10+ years ago so I'm familiar with the main mechanics of the game, but as you all know a lot has changed in the game since then! Starting with the huppermage since it is one of the newer classes.

I was trying to figure out what class I wanted to make to focus on and I liked the idea of huppermage and how they can use all the elements. Can anyone help me out with suggestions on how to make a multi-element build for this class? Considering it is the only class that can really have a multi-class build, I'd like to learn the best strategies from you all on how to make the best huppermage multi-element build possible haha. All help and suggestions are welcome!

Edit: I'm not sure if if huppermage can go 100% multi-elemental (like use all four elements together effectively) but if not I would like to either go {Fire/Earth} or {Fire/Air}.

Things I'm looking for:
- Where to distribute skill points
- What spells you suggest will be most important/useful
- Best ways to level up for this class
- What equipment would be best suited for a multi-element build for huppermage

Feel free to give me any more help/suggestions you think it would be good for me to know! Thank you all so much! smile

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Some common points -

You do not need to distribute spell points anymore. You need to distribute characteristics points, but you can reset them for free whenever you want, so you can try different outfits easily.

Huppermage is definitely not the only character that works great for omni. At least cra and foggernaut are also "easy" omni classes. In fact, I never enjoyed omni hupper as I did enjoy cra.

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It's been a while since I played Hupper, so I'm not sure if my information is outdated or not.
But here is what I know:

There are mainly 2 playstyles for hupper. Playing around elemental-combinations and playing around elemental states.

1. Combination-Playstlye

Your goal is, to trigger all 6 combinations as fast as possible to buff certain spells.

An easy way are "Cataract", "Stinger", "Celestial Wave" and "Ember" since they do damage in 2 elements and will trigger a combination on their own.
The only 2 combination that don't have their own spell are fire/earth and water/air.

I would also recommend the 2-AP-spells "Volcano", "Tectonic Breach", "Stalactite" and "Hurricane" since they are cheap.

"Elemental Guardian" and "Arcane Torrent" are the 2 spells that benefit most from this playstyle. Both get stronger with every combination you make.
Usually you will summon the Guardian -> make combinations -> cast Arcane Torrent -> combinations -> Arcane Torrent -> etc.

2. State-Playstyle

For this you want "Telluric Wave", "Ether", "Flamethrower" and "Stalagmite" to apply the elemental-state of your desire.
"Storm", "Burning Stroke", "Glacier" and "Transfixing Gust" can be used for heal and/or creating/applying multiple runes/states at once.
"Elemental Shield" can also be a great way to passively apply states while also giving you some resistance. 

Once the enemy has a state, you can use spells like "Elemental Drain",  "Contribution" and "Tribute".
Since you'll take the AoE-Spells, there will also be a lot of runes on the field which benefit spells like "Runic Treatment", "Runic Overcharge" and "Runic Repulsion".

A great way to increase your (water)-damage in turn 1 is:
"Glacier" so you hit at least 2 enemies. "Contribution" for 300 Power. "Runification" to apply the states again and get some Chance, "Tribute" on one of the enemies for another 150 Power and "Elemental Drain" on the other for 150 Chance.

This combos costs 10 AP total and will give you 450 Power and 250+ Chance (150 from Elemental Drain +50 per enemy hit with Runification) for 2 turns.

Now for some variants:

Runification vs Manifestation:
Runification better with the 2nd Playstyle because of the combo-potential with the AoE-Spells.
But Manifestation can be great for map-control.

Elemental Drain vs Morph:
Depends on the resistance of the enemy.
If they don't have any particular weakness, I would take Morph. 
Once you have all 4 buffs, you have a cheap spell with good damage and range that can be used 3 times per target. 
However if they have a weak-point, you should use Elemental Drain to increase your damage in that particular element further. 

Astral Blade > Telluric Blade:
Reducing the range of enemies is often more useful than reducing its crit-chance.
However if you have an enemy or ally who greatly benefits from crit, Telluric Blade can be better.

Polarity vs Quadramental Current:
Depends on your first choice.
If you already have Manifestation for map-control, you can use Quadramental Current.
If you have Runification, I'd recommend Polarity.

Journey > Runic Repulsion
Only time I would take Runic Repulsion over Journey, is when I need a lot of pushback.
I know there once was a whole playstyle around Runic Repulsion and pushback-damage-sets, but I don't know if that is still viable.
Usually "Release" will suffice if you want to get some room.
Journey also need no Line of sight, so it can be used to jump over enemies/obstacles. 

Deflagration > Flood
If you want to be closer to your enemy, there are other options besides Flood.
But Deflagoration is one of only 2 Hupper-Spell that can despell, which can be very useful in some situations.

Contribution vs Creation
If you use the 2nd playstyle, you want to take Contribution.
But if you have Manifestation, it can be very nice in combination with Creation.
If your last rune was a fire rune, you can use Creation + Manifestation to have a 4 AP,-6 range-teleport-spell.

Runic Overcharge > Runic Treatment
You have lifesteal to heal yourself. So Runic Treatment is only really useful, if you play in a group. 

Propagation vs Elemental Trap
Propagation + Imprint can be useful to create a lot of runes without the AoE-Spells.
Elemental Trap can be a powerful spell in specific situation where you'll need gravity, despell or reduces heal (or range-removal, but that can be achieved with other spells as well).

Imprint vs Elemental Cycle:
Like I said above, Imprint in combination with Propagation is useful for creating runes.
There is also the fun combo of Runification - > Imprint -> Runification (only possible at 134+ when Runification is rank 3).
Elemental Cycle however can be useful if you need your enemy to be in a different state and don't want to waste a lot of AP.

So, I hope that helps. Like I said, it's been a while so feel free to call me out if any of the infomation is bullsh*t ^^

When it comes to equipment, I'm not very experienced. 
Probably 3 parts of the Rhineetle-Set and stuff that gives +Power.
A Crit-Set probably wouldn't be the best idea since some Hupper-Spells like Runification, Journey, Runic Overcharge and Arcane Torrent can't crit.

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