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Welcome to the Lab

By [lichen] - ANKAMA - February 24, 2016, 12:08:04

This new section of the forums will allow us to present experimental features to you and collect your opinions in order to determine how to improve them.

The features that are presented in this section of the forum do not yet have a release date, and may be significantly modified or even scrapped completely, depending on our findings and the feedback of the community.

We will mostly present interface changes to you; features that we can deploy with relative ease on the Beta server, or turn on and off in the client via a hotpatch. We do not plan to present major content features, game mechanics, or monster/spell balancing changes for pre-release commentary.

To test the lab experiments we are releasing today, simply update your beta client and enable (or disable) the experimental features using the new button added in the upper right corner of the client.

Please note that some experimental features may be unstable, and may require you to restart your client from time to time.