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Shield points display

By [Moosty] - ANKAMA - February 22, 2017, 18:50:44


We are currently working on modifying the way the Shield points are displayed on the heart medallion in the game's main interface.

  • The idea is to change the health heart to a purple shield.
  • The health gauge would become purple as well so that, visually, the "shield" mode would be more obvious.
  • Shield points would be displayed on top of the heart, front and centre. This way, we could keep the "Health points / Total Health points" display on top of the Shield points.

When all the Shield points are gone, the heart would revert to its base shape and its colour red.

What do you think?

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I will wait to see how it performs. Some of the newer things added to the game lately many players have been disabling due to decreased game stability. (ex. Final blows) Visually, it is aesthetically pleasing while clearly conveying how many shield points you have as well as your current actual hp values.

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Score : 147

I like the look of it, the color chance is the best part. Assuming it doesn't cause any additional lag or issues, it would be a good improvement.

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I think it looks good! Gimme that spell that gives 9999 shield points pl0x

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Score : 903

I like it! It's not a huge difference but it's pretty cool

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Score : 102

it seem very good as long as no bug involved

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