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[Eratz] Intercontinental Community Guild Recruitment

By illshouyu April 20, 2017, 19:51:06

Intercontinental is a community hub-guild on Eratz, with the intention to provide a space for English-speakers to mingle without a language barrier, as well as show international support for Dofus version 1.

We have had a presence on the server since September of 2015, and will continue to be active there into the future.

The guild has no requirements other than that you do not partake in any activity that could harm the guild or server as a whole. Some examples being:

  • using programs or scripts to automate gameplay and/or supporting those who do.
  • abusing guild privileges.
  • stealing property or accounts.
  • etc.

While this should already be against Ankama policy, it is our responsibility to self-moderate the game when Ankama will not. Kama sellers will not have incentive to run bots if nobody finances their operations, and players who run them will find themselves bored and alone.

Alongside myself (Kyamari / Indifferent), Asleep, Meteonykaa, Shuckle and Stealthyaura are the guild's current full-right admin.

All members have invite rights as standard, so if you wish to join, simply find someone in the guild and ask for an invitation.

We also host a Discord server for general use by those who play on Eratz, and you may be more likely to find someone active by hanging out in there: Click here

See you soon!
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