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Server Select Name Fix

By illshouyu - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 06, 2017, 07:10:56

This is probably against the Terms of Service somehow, but there will never be an official fix for this... so I'm taking the risk to present a workaround anyway.


In order to get your client showing the correct names for both the character creation menu and also on character select, replace the existing version of this file in your %appdata% folder for Dofus:

The appdata folder for Dofus' cache will most commonly be located at:

C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects\SOME_CODE\localhost\Program Files (x86)\Dofus\loader.swf

Completely close the game, re-open, and voila! You're in English language and have server names visible.


In order to achieve this I have taken information about Eratz and Henual from the Spanish version of ANKXTRASO_SR.sol, and imported it into a UK English version of the file. I also google translated the server descriptions, and the result seems pretty good.

If you don't like to download random files from the internet, it is possible to do this all yourself with any tool that allows editing .sol files. It is probably also possible to simply copy out the Spanish version of the file after getting to character select in Spanish, and then replace the English file with the Spanish one once you've loaded the game in English. I haven't tested this, however, and some stuff will be in Spanish if that works.

If you wish to modify your own file, data is structured as follows:
object - 601 Eratz, 602 Henual
rlng - rlng
date - 1278972000000 Eratz, 1327050000000 Henual
c (community) - 0 French, 1 UK, 2 International, 3 German, 4 Spanish, etc. [SRC]
t (server type) - 0 classical, 1 hardcore, 2 tournaments
p (population) - 0 recommended, 1 average, 2 high, 3 coming soon, 4 full [SRP]
l (language? (Seems irrelevant)) - es, en, fr, it, de, pt, nl, ja
d (server description)
n (server name)
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Awesome, thanks smile

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