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Any english guilds recruiting?

By brody-t-morgan - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 06, 2019, 07:52:16

Currently level 85 and I am pretty active, haven't played in a long time and decided to come back and would like to join an international (preferably English speaking guild)

In-game name is Aticked or just leave a note here with an in-game name that I can get in touch with if I am not online when you see this.

EDIT: Sorry was mistaken, turns out it was Eratz (For some reason when I click server it just says ''Default'' so I only found out cause someone ingame told me

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Read your Ankabox smile


brody-t-morgan|2019-02-07 05:21:42
I don't see any messages in the ankabox sorry

The message could not be sent. You must be in the recipient brody-t-morgan's friend list to be able to send him/her a private message by Ankabox.

yeah, we can get messages from bots but not from each others zzz. Ask for Under the Edge on Henual and we'll hit you up. We're known.
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I don't see any messages in the ankabox sorry

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Feel free to find/add me in your friends list "Cadderly".  I'll do the same for you.  I am in a guild that speaks English though I just don't see many online during my playing time.  They may line up better with yours.

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