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By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - October 24, 2016, 21:28:55
What is DOFUS 1.29?

This is an older version of DOFUS, from 2010, with game mechanics and graphics that are very different from the ones you know today and which are, therefore, frozen in time.

See for yourselves!

We have decided to make two 1.29 servers (Eratz and Henual) available to our more nostalgic players so they can relive their old adventures, if they so choose.

How can I access a 1.29 server?

Just like the Beta server, you'll need a specific Version 1.29 game client to access the game. You can download it here and install it on your PC, just like the old game client.
To access the Eratz and Henual servers, you must have a certified, subscribed account (see Ankama's account certification procedure). F2P accounts cannot access 1.29 servers.

If not, an error message will be displayed when you try to connect to your chosen server.

Will there be any updates for DOFUS 1.29?

No, we're not planning on evolving DOFUS 1.29. The version is simply being made available to players who would like to revisit the type of game they played in times gone by. We're opening up the 2 previously existing servers to you, but we won't be providing any new servers, updates or dedicated services (such as support, community management or dedicated offers in the shop). They will be exactly as you left them back in the day! It's up to you to take care of them and make sure you have an enjoyable game experience.
For constantly evolving content and regular updates, please feel free to join a DOFUS 2 server.

I've unlocked/bought a new pet and/or a new item, but it's not in my inventory. Why is that?

Not all items available from the Shop are compatible with Version 1.29 and some features, such as Haven Bags, didn't exist yet. In particular, subscription pack gifts have been designed for DOFUS 2. Because of that, none of the items from the regular Shop can be redeemed in DOFUS 1.29. These items aren't lost, however, and you will always be able to find them in your inventory on any DOFUS 2 server.

I can't find the Kama Exchange on my server. Is that normal?

It is! In Version 1.29, the KE didn't exist yet! So, you can't buy Kamas with Ogrines and vice-versa on Eratz or Henual.

This also means that services that are purchased with Ogrines (like class changes, name changes, server transfers, etc) cannot be applied to characters on 1.29 servers.

I found a bug. Can someone correct it?

No. Outside of technical maintenance related to the status of the servers, we won't be doing any work on Version 1.29. So, you'll just have to play with the bugs and other drawbacks that were there at the time.

I've encountered a problem in game. Can Support help me?

Support is only able to help you with problems related to your Ankama account, for example, account recovery, password problems, forgotten email, etc.
If you have a game-related problem, such as a bug or a disagreement with another player, Support won't be able to help.

Why are there never any events on my server?

The 1.29 servers are autonomous. They are made available to you "as is" and don't benefit from community management or any volunteer resources (no moderators or gamemasters). So, nothing will be organized on 1.29 and the servers won't have their own events.

My server is full and I can't connect and/or it's very laggy. What should I do?

All you can do is be patient or play on a DOFUS 2 server instead. We have no plans to open additional servers for 1.29.

Edit: If you are not on a Spanish-community account and you see a "Server is full" error when making a character, please make sure that you have the "Display all servers" option checked. Also, please note that the servers do not have display names in any language other than Spanish, so if you are using the English version of the client, those fields will be blank.