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Reporting Inappropriate Remarks to a Moderator

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - December 13, 2018, 17:55:44

In the game, you sometimes encounter people who do not comply with the rules of the game and destroy the fun atmosphere that we want to enjoy while playing.

When this happens, you can alert the main moderator for the server in order to report this unauthorized behavior.

If the person you're reporting is behaving badly, there's a good chance that person isn't worth listening to. You can also add them to your enemy list, or ignore them for the rest of your session so that you don't have to be bothered by anything else they say.

Proper Screenshots

To report behavior that is against the rules, you can take a screenshot and forward it to a moderator. Screenshots are a sort of photo taken of the entire game window.For a screenshot to be valid:
  • It must not have been re-sized.  Some image hosting services have a tendency to alter the size of your image after you send it. When this happens, moderators end up dealing with images that they cannot read because the images are too small.
  • It must not have been altered. There's no need to use white rectangles to hide chat messages or add portions of other screenshots.
  • It must contain the entire game window. You must not show only part of the DOFUS window (for example, just the chat). The entire screen must be visible.
In order for a moderator to process a screenshot, care must be taken with the following elements:
  • Use the following commands in the in-game chat :
    • /whois on the character(s) targeted.
    • /time.
  • Activate the information channel (green by default).
  • Deactivate the insults filter.
  • Enlarge the chat if needed: You can increase the size of the chat using the "+" button in the upper left of the chat. This lets you show more lines at once.
  • The unauthorized behavior(s) must be shown on the screenshot. Example: If you want to report insults, they must be visible on the screenshot.

Here is an example of a proper screenshot:

/whois, /time: What Are They?

They are two commands that you can use in the in-game chat. Each will display information in the information channel.
  • /whois will display the person's Ankama account nickname, the character's nickname, the zone where they are located, and the name of their guild if they belong to one.
  • /time will display the current date and time.


Once you've taken a screenshot following all the instructions above, you'll need to host it on Internet. There are many sites offering this kind of service. You can use your preferred search engine to find one.

Contacting a Moderator

All that's left to do is send the link(s) to your screenshot to a game moderator via an Ankabox message.

We estimate that it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes from the time the screenshot is taken until it is sent in the message. Any screenshot sent after too long a delay will not be processed.
The moderators receive many reports from all servers at the same time. Help them out by providing your server in the message subject line, for example: "[Henual] Insult Report". This will make handling the issue easier and faster.