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looking for friends:)

By Talon-Resolve - SUBSCRIBER - January 30, 2019, 14:39:49

Hi i Decided to play dofus again cause of nostalgia but i didnt fell like playing the latest dofus and i choose 1.29
sadly i choose the wrong server apparently and most people are on Eratz that speak Eng
and im on henual with lvl 107 cra 97 iop 70 enu as of 30/1/2019 and it would really bum me out to restart so i cant change over so im looking for mates around in henual to playsmile thank you
You can find me on Tender,Perma-Blind,Dimeordie 
most odds ill be on tender or Perma
also would like a guildsmile that is eng ty good day!

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Heya ^^ If you are still looking for someone to play with feel free to hit me up, my name is Jeckyll lvl 110 cra. Im also in small, but slowly growing guild named "Alert". I know how lonely it can be on these 1.29 servers, but be not afraid there are english speaking ppl hiding everywhere biggrin

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i will add you!

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did you try contacting anyone from under the edge? currently full with 140 members, but Im sure there will be space made for you if you expressed your interest in joining                
I haven't seen a single guild like that on eratz ever, I don't think you've chosen the wrong server

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i didnt know what guild is eng,french etc
i just would spam /r in bonta brak village etc
if any 1 speaks eng for days till i gave up:'/

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