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By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 17, 2019, 16:15:47
Will you have to be a subscriber to play on this new server?
  • Yes, you'll need a subscription as with the other Retro servers, Eratz and Henual.

Can we get the exact opening date for the server?
  • It is due to open on September 24.

When the 1.29 servers opened, there were double-XP, drop and profession bonuses. Will the new server get these as well?
  • For now, there won't be any bonuses when the server opens due to the waiting lists, but we're thinking about adding one later on.

Will the server be permanent?
  • Yes.

Will the server be accessible from the Launcher?
  • Yes, it will be available in the Ankama Launcher.

Will the game be available in 64 bits?
  • Yes, the game will be available in 64 bits in the Ankama Launcher.
  • A 32-bit version will be available on our website.

Will there be a single-account restriction on the server?
  • No.

What are the restrictions in terms of characters?
  • No more than five characters across all Retro servers – Henual, Eratz and Nabur – even if you purchase character slots in DOFUS 2.x.

Will Eratz and Henual receive the changes made to Nabur?
  • Yes, absolutely! Simply put, all 1.x servers will be updated to the Retro version (1.30).

What is the difference between the new server and the old 1.29 servers?
  • The new server lets you start your adventure from scratch.
  • The changes made to the servers are available here.

Will we also be able to get the Retro DOFUS gift on Henual and Eratz?
  • No, the gift applies only to the server Nabur.

Will the boutique be available on Nabur?
  • Yes, the boutique will be available from the first day, with products that can be bought using ogrines.
  • However, the KE will not be available on the Retro servers.

Will there be a bestiary and encyclopedia on the Retro DOFUS servers?
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a bestiary and encyclopedia on the Retro servers.

Will there be in-game events from the game masters or CMs?
  • No.

Will the Tofukaz be making a comeback in Retro DOFUS?
  • No, this isn't planned for now.

Have the bugs in certain challenges and the mini-Wakfus been fixed? Will the Kralove be modified? (Etc…)
  • They're staying the same. It is not currently possible to fix the bugs in the old version of the game except for the ones already mentioned here.

Will there be artificial star generation?
  • No, but when the server opens, natural star growth will already have begun for our tests and will not be removed.

Will the first level-100 professions get the Master Shield?
  • No.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to RenatoHrsak

What is the issue you are having? Maybe we can help? smile
See message in context
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I really hope Tofukaz will be back in retro other then that thank you for opening a new server great news
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Will the gifts be applied to the other 4 new servers or just Nabur?
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i cant find link in site for 32bit windows sad
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It's clickable in the launcher.
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I made two accounts on the Nabur server, but when they're both logged on they can't see each other, in fact the other characters on the map are different as well.
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you can join them from your friend list
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The Dofus Retro doesn't seem to be working with my subscription properly, which is kinda disappointing since that is the only reason I subscribed...
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What is the issue you are having? Maybe we can help? smile
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I do have a problem, after selecting the server, the screen just goes black for me, cannot make a character, sometimes it happens just after logging in, no problems in new dofus. Another thing is that sometimes i can't even log in, client is bugged. I just tried dofus retro on my laptop (windows 10, my PC is win 7), and instead of black screen i got a Connection lost error. Edit: after few tries im in the game, but only on win 10, win 7 still not working
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I subscribed to dofus retro and it gave me a confirmation email yet when i log into dofus it says i have no membership. 15 dollars wasted and very bummed 
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please, please can we make this game playable like it was and finally make english servers, having 90% french in each server is KILLING your game with english speaking fans. We need to chat to people and communicate.
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have a problem. when start client dofus retro has that problem. How to fix it ?
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can u answer?
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How do we claim the free pet on Nabur? Or are they still having issues?
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Is there also coming a Heroic server??? old school oto mustam would be awesome!
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I agree strongly with @Zooman.
Moreover, the queue is something, that Ankama seems to notice, but should fix as soon as possible.
Please be aware of:
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If im from usa can I play Dofus retro???
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Yes and all of the servers are labeled international. Just make sure your account has p2p and it's probably a good idea to choose a server like Algathe especially when you mentioned usa because it has the most english speakers but you are always welcomed to choose any other if you want a different server name, possible easier que lines, or some friends that you know are on a particular server. Good luck and have fun on your journey.
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Will there be any Moderators in charge of the retro servers?
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I cannot log in, it says " version 1.29 is invalid for this server. In order to play you need to install version 1.30.0. " i do have p2p, account and reinstalled game twice. Doesn't help :/ 
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