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A thank you to the devs from a nostalgic veteran !

By TheHeriocAltSlayer - SUBSCRIBER - October 01, 2019, 17:35:45

Just felt like making a thread to express my gratitude on breathing some life back into the old version of Dofus through Dofus Retro ! I'm a big oldschool gamer ( eg:  I LOVE platformers like rayman 1-2-3, super mario 64, etc .. ) and even though I know and played the 1.29 version on Eratz, it felt hollow and didn't draw in enough people, which I feel the release of Dofus Retro has made more than up with. 

I've started playing around 2003-2004 ish when I was still in elementary school (?) ( don't know the exact names of how they classify the different school tiers in English xD ) and it helped me through some very tough times by being able to just forget reality for a moment and live in my own little fantasy bubble for the time I could be online playing. One especially rough time was around 2007-2008 when my grandma got told she had a brain tumor and it was too late to treat. Instead of visiting her at the hospital as a 12 year old boy and seeing her suffer I just kept playing the game, letting out some of my frustration and rage/sadness onto innocent gobballs and such, keeping my mind occupied. 

After having logged in to check the new Dofus Retro and instantly hearing that beautiful Incarnam theme playing ( Seriously, someone at Ankama give the music composer a pat on the shoulders for me ! ) while so many people were running around, I had no other choice than to shed a tear of all the amazing memories the game has put me through back in the old days. 

So to close this weird topic of, everyone at Ankama please accept my sincerest gratitude for making such a beautiful and nostalgic experience and bringing it back to life ! 

And for any players that are reading this and have played the game back in the old days like me and are starting out Retro all I can say is I hope you all will have the same wonderfull nostalgic feeling I have while playing Retro, and most important of all, I hope y'all have as much fun as I have ! 


PS: I'm on Clustus if anyone wants to add me, maybe chat a little about the good ol' days tongue

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I hope they have better moderation and anti-bot measures for retro.

Miner/lumberjack and certain mobs were just not worth doing thanks to all the bots on Eratz.

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They don't. Some guy has been automating fishing in Astrub all week on Algathe, and I've run into combat bots that have gotten confused and stuck transitioning back and forth between two areas within the past day.

Ankama, please give me an admin account, because I will show no mercy, thanks.

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