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What I would like to see in Dofus Retro

By KFC-Hiersnipe - SUBSCRIBER - October 15, 2019, 08:52:27

Currently me and a bunch of my friends have been playing a lot of Dofus retro since the new server releases. With the announcement of possible changes I'd like to share with everyone my thoughts on what I think should get added.

1. With the talk of server merges, I would love to see a designated or suggested server for English players to play on or transfer too. Since the release of the servers I have found that many English players are spread out amongst all of the servers and in some of the servers there are very few English speaking players. I think you would make the English community very happy by adding in something like this. 

2.Guild Descriptions! I simply just want to have a description under the guild name that I can post daily messages or in my case, links to the Guild's Discord server. This is something that is in the current Dofus that I think is a simple feature that won't hurt Retro if it is added. It just takes more time trying to get someone into the Guild's Discord channel since there is no copy and paste in this version and would be nice if I could just have the permanent link in the Guild.

These are simply just two ideas that I would like to see added to Retro. I'm glad to hear all the feedback from you guys on the future of Retro. Please keep us in the loop of timelines or what the plans are for the game! 

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since there is no copy and paste in this version

You can type "/selection on" and "/selection off" to make the chat box highlightable.

As far as what I would like to see, I don't think the following would change the game too much:

-Make Shushu axes functional tools for cutting trees.
-Give a base fishing range increase at level 100 so that all schools of fish are accessible, and fish-specific rods can reach all of the associated schools.
-Make butcher, fishmonger, and baker into specializations, but keep the level 30 requirement.
-Merge the markets
-Remove the episode conditions from items that have them, providing they wouldn't cause too much issue.
-Make the colour/name/sex change potions that already exist within the client functional.
-Make additional character slots available for purchase.
-Open up the KEK house to everyone (again).

I'll probably edit more things into this list over time.
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this has to be pinned, true. Guild should have an option to deliver daily message, for simple thing as guild message. I agree, totally. Also about the colour/name/sex change, not like im gonna use them, but its a good addition. merging the markets aswell! 
I hope dofus team will work on this. So far loving the dofus retro! 

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I agree with you, i'm okay with the name/colour/sex change as well but its still something that wouldn't hurt. 

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Another update to something I'd like to see in the game.

Trash Cans- I have been wanting to just get rid of junk resources that I have and I keep wanting to throw them in a Trash can, but there aren't any. Would love to see this small little change as well!

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1.30 needs a bunch of features just enabled, there's still no way to breed mounts even though people are in the mid 100s, merchant mode should come back...

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I agree, I'm at the point where I would love to have mounts but it all comes down to server merges and whats all going to happen with that.

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