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Algathe - Guild "Guys you'd like to be" Recruiting

By robisoufthishod - SUBSCRIBER - October 17, 2019, 10:25:46

Thread for people in server ALGATHE

"Guys you'd like to be" - A guild that was founded on 09.10.2019 by Mapqhawk. Idea behind the name is simple, two friends sat and thought about possible names. some were boring, some were too generic. In the end friends went for the most awkward and most confident one. This is a guild in Dofus Retro, guild that combines players from different countries, different cultures, but with a common goal, to have fun, also in the same time be competitive! Guys you'd like to be.

Current level : 13 

Member count : 50 (including some alts) 

The guild is active and mostly english speaking, but we have people that speak multi languages, for example french/english and fluently. Aswell many more languages, that arent that common in dofus.

To join you must be level 25+ and have to send private message to leader or anyone from the guild and let know of your interest in joining.

We also have a discord channel, which I wont be posting here for privacy reasons, but once you join you will get the link.

With respect, 

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