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Team Solo Guild Algathe Server is recruiting

By americanicks - SUBSCRIBER - October 24, 2019, 14:31:24

Hey we are a guild called Team Solo
Been around since almost the start of the server, im a veteran player with over 8-10k hours playing since before 1.29
joining 1.30 i wanted to relive the real old dofus experince(I played on henual for 6 months prior to retro)
And it was dead.
Joining Retro i got dissapointed to see how so many people armed them self with 8 accounts which is not how 1.29 was played, seeing how this disease came from 2.54 i decided to make my own guild that allows only Solo,Duo players inside.
We do dungeons daily or xp hunts,proffesions,drops helping one another how we can
i play an iop Called Main and an Eni called Alt
you may pm me for more info or to join, We have an opening for leadership role's for the worthy currently open as we are growing really fast 
Some additional info
Guild Currently lvl 15 as of 24.10.19 with 33 active folks
Team America  type of guild We stick like Glue to one another
PM me ingame Main,Alt(Preferable on main) cya insidesmile

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Tried to pm you in game but you weren't on my in game name is "Huh"

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Leader Main is thief. Just robbed me, kicked out of guild, discord, and blocked on social medias. Gl with that scumbag

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