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Looking for help for my ratting sadi

By couragous--wolf - SUBSCRIBER - November 04, 2019, 01:34:10

Got my sadi up to 48 so she could have the three spells to be able to rat but having a hard time building a set or finding a website to help me build one. Any help with a set builder for retro or a link to a ratting set you've built would be awesome. On algathe so if your on that server and need some help lvling once i get this set working message me. Iced-Bramble

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So you want to be a ratting sadi?

Good, Welcome! we need more help getting the rest of these useless lugs off their asses and lining our pockets as they level with no effort.

Designing a rat-viable set requires 3 things:

8AP - Requires a lot of compromises below lvl 60, will touch on that later.

480 Initiative - Without this, Major arachnees and lvl 54 rats will outspeed you and highly increase your chances of dying to a large pack.

AT LEAST +28 damage (35+ preferred)

Notable Gear:

Turko Hat (Vit + Wis + (+4) Damage) (+6 dmg overmaged)

Tromatizing Mask ( STR + (+5) Damage) (+7 overmaged but not worth it)

Kannibal Mask (+7) Damage) almost impossible to overmage due to being a mono-stat item. < Easy to obtain

Boowolf Headgear (Vit + Agi + Wis + Prospecting + summons + (+5) Damage) (+8 damage overmaged) easy but expensive

Korko Kousto (Class Specific) (Vit + STR + Int + Wis + Summons + (+7) Damage) < Best in slot till lvl 98 


Treecapa (Vit + Str + (+3) Damage) < Super cheap but not ideal

Carpet Cape (+7 Damage) < Expensive but ideal starting cape

Vegicape (+30% Damage (+7) Damage) < Great cape, try to get as much %dmg as possible as it assists your ranges

Elya Wood Cloak (Int + Range + (+8) Damage + Resists) Highest damage available (11 overmaged) till lvl 103, but EXPENSIVE

Grazor (Vit + Str + Summons + (+6) Damage + Resists) Best in slot till 103, hard to get perfect but all stats help.


Adelus (+wis +(4-5) Damage)

Event Belt (Int + Cha + Wis + range + (+8) Damage +crits)

Legendary Crackler Belt (Vit + Agi + Wis + Summons + !Initiative! (+5 Damage) +pods

Powerful Dazzling Belt (Vit + Wis + !AP! + (+5 Damage) < Best in slot till post 100

Trembling Dodu Belt (-Cha - Agi +(+8) damage) < Cheap and best option for damage till you can wear PDB

Rings (Special mention here, it is easy to mage Initiative on rings, even 40 points of initiative can make all the difference):

Ringtree (+5 Damage) Mage initiative on this if possible.

Assorted Blob rings, (Str OR Int + range + summons + (+3) Damage) Cheapish, good filler until Gelano.

Gelano (+AP) many maging options, Initiative, Vit or Str are best options.

Assorted Royal Blop Rings (Vit + Wis + Main Stat + !Initiative! + (+5) Damage) A great replacement for Ringtree at lvl 80.


Turko Boots (Vit + summon + heals + (+6) Damage) Use with Turkohat to easily be able to equip treechnid bow (AP workaround method).

Royal Gobbal Boots (lots of Vit + (+8) Damage) Use if NOT using the AP workaround.


Kam Assutra Amulet (+AP) Feels bad to use but cheap option to fill 8AP

Xelor Amulet (+AP + (+3-4) Damage - main stats) Better than Kam by a long shot. Try to minimize negatives to not nuke your initiative.

Royal Pippin Amublop (+AP + (+5) Damage + Str + Vit

The Celestial Brooch (+AP + (+2) Damage - wis - Str) Worse than xelor, more expensive than Kam. I refer to this as "the middleground"

The Treemu (+AP + wis + (+6) Damage -Agi -Int -Str -Cha) The only way you use this is if you get a godroll with less than 40 negative stat. It nukes your initiative super hard and is a twink pvp item only usually.


Treechnid Root Bow: (+AP -Vit) Requires Agi, good for filling your 8 AP early. GELANO MAKES THIS OBSOLETE.

Kralove Cutting sword (+ Str + Crits (+6) Damage) Cheaper alternative to Tyse Pick

Tyse Pick (+10 Damage) Obtaining this makes for very smooth and consistent rat kills, Requires Gelano.


Bilby/Atooin (+10 Damage) If your initiative is high enough, these are amazing.

Almond+Crimson Dragoturkey (+500 Initiative + 50 Vit + 60 Str + Summon) Fixes Poor Initiative, Not as useful as +dmg

Budget alternative is any pet with 40% power.

Ratting is fun, makes money (usually 15kk an hour per leacher so ideally 75kk/h). It's expensive to break into and hard to master but provided you learn the maps and make sure you follow the three golden rules above to make sure you are Rat-viable you will succeed.

Things to watch out for: 

Hyoactive Rat/Rattimus Khan, The hyoactive is a rare green rat that is hard to spot. it requires a very high level to solo. It's archmonster, the Rattimus Khan is even worse at 1700hp it's a true terror. Do not engage these.

Packs with 2 or more major arachnees, These can kill you in tree form with knockback and if you are not debuffed by a shaman with robochlon stacks they will also just headbutt you to remove your treeform entirely. One is usually OK, if you know how to avoid them.

Rats have an aggro distance of 2, make sure you have grid turned on and "show all enemies" turned off.

Learn the good ratting maps, I won't list them here to avoid competition but there are 8 maps in bonta and 7 in Brakmar that can hit all enemies from spawn. These are your go-to maps. Try and find one uncontested.

If you have any specific questions, reply to this post.
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TYVM good sir =). Great response and help to get me started. 

Do you know of any maps that work well in brak for ratting. I sent you a friend request so you can accept it and message me privately if you dont want to post them here lol. Ive only found like 2 and the brak keys sell much better then the bonta ones so i would rather rat there.

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