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Retro Update? and Bot Problem

By KFC-Hiersnipe - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 14, 2019, 08:06:01

Can we have any updates on what is going on behind the scenes for Dofus Retro? It's almost been 2 months and still haven't heard anything. Would love to know what's being worked on or what has been finished.

A complete side note, every day bots are getting worse and worse. Any time I log in I'm being spammed by 8 different bots and it's the same bots for weeks on end, that aren't getting removed. Would love to see some moderators just nuke these bots away.


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Having messaged the moderator that represents Algathe, I have lost all hope, and will not resubscribe unless something dramatic changes.

It took 6 days for Nemetacum to even look at my message, and when they finally did respond, claiming that the "bots have been banned!", all they'd actually done was remove accounts that were advertising. Every single harvesting bot remained undisturbed, and the combat bots were still out in force.

Day by day, the individuals who run these bots create more characters, because there are no repercussions for doing so. Practically the entire wood supply on Algathe is provided by bots. It's rare to ever go in the mines and not see someone with a really badly coded colour-detection script trying to mine where there are no ores. Piwi bots across Astrub and Amakna. Hordes of cras wherever you can find Tofu. It just goes on and on, and it's so incredibly depressing.

There is a single line of defense against this, and they don't do anything. Why would I want to pay for such a God-awful experience, Ankama?

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I have the same concern. It seems that the game is 80% bots for selling Kamas. I hope the team find a favorable solution since this is making the real players not to enjoy the game, which is not free for play, because for job leveling and even dropping the bots have already claimed all the spots 24/7. 

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Welcome to the retro nostalgia. Haha.
i wish the kamas bots got banned more frequently though. I see some bots message me every day for almost a week before they are replaced with another one.

Tofu dungeon bots farming kamas aswell.. i went there to collect bird meat twice.  Same teams were killing then superfast. They lvled from 24 to 36 in between the two times i vidited the dungeon (2 day period)

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