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Idea's for next Retro server

By lamasterthomas - SUBSCRIBER - November 29, 2019, 10:34:05
  1. Mono server (nothing new here) 1acc for each person
  2. Trade/interact limited server
      a. Guild wars:
  • Guilds can only trade and interact with each other, trading and joining fights with others not allowed.
     b. Predifined Team of 8
  • At start of server select team of 8, can only trade and pvm fight with that team.
    c. Solo mode (HARDCORE)
  • Can not trade or pvm fight with any other player (must enable all professions and some sort of xp or damage    bonus to make possible) [Harvesting professions need a big change for this]

I'm sure ankama can think of something to add something for pvper's on these game modes wink

I myself come from the server Dark Vlad and we never had markets and had to farm all ourselves(Professions, mounts, Sets, runes for exo's etc), this game mode can give back those memories for everyone ^^

No need to add new content to Dofus Retro if you can extend the playtime of the current game.
Ofcourse adjustments need to be made for some of this game modes to work (Xp / Drop bonusses)

Please add your idea's below happy

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I'm personally hoping they will bring back a heroic server for Retro. It was brilliant before. 

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Better inventory management . 
Mass crafting 
Co operative maging 
Multi select resources to harvest 
Checking additional item recipes using one of the component items 

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Nice list, we actually need that on current Retro laugh this can't wait for next haha

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and 90% will be cra players... 

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True, might need some extra rewards(XP and DROPS %) for playing the harder classes pensive

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