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By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 13, 2020, 10:00:00

Coming Soon to Retro:

  • As a reminder, our goal with DOFUS Retro is to provide only bug fixes, and usability and interface updates, but we hope to maintain the promise of an authentic "retro" adventure. That's why we don't plan to add any new content like zones, dungeons, etc
  • The Dofus Remastered project should be released early in the year and consists of a magnificent remastering of old visual files to make them more fluid and even more beautiful!
  • An anti-bot shield will be rolled out as soon as possible. It will be an addition to current moderation measures to fight this plague more effectively.
  • Update 1.31 will be here soon. The changelog (which may change a bit) is available HERE.

Do you need to be a subscriber to play on the Retro servers?

  • Yes, you need a subscription to play on the DOFUS Retro servers. There aren't any non-subscriber zones

Will these servers be permanent?

  • Yes.

Do the servers have a single-account restriction?

  • No.

Information on the DOFUS Retro Server Merger

  • As of now, we haven't yet set any dates for the Retro server merger, but we will keep you posted as soon as possible and at least two weeks in advance.
  • The Retro server merger cannot handle certain features. In order to limit side effects, we have temporarily deactivated the following mechanics until the server merger:
    • purchases of houses and paddocks;
    • paddocks and stables (public and private) cannot be used and breeding is not possible; and
    • merchant mode.
  • In addition: 
    • Marriages will be deleted during the merger.
    • If a name conflict occurs, no priority will be given. ALL players will have a server tag at the end of their name

What's the difference between the new servers and the old, historical 1.29 servers?

  • Both the new and old game servers are all currently running the same version. Gameplay is the same on all the servers.
  • The new game servers – Nabur, Arty, Algathe, Hogmeiser, Droupik, Ayuto, Bilby, Clustus, and Issering – were launched on September 24, 2019.
  • Eratz (opened in August 2010) and Henual (opened in January 2012) are the oldest servers and each has its own unique identity and charm.
  • Feel free to check out the different gaming atmospheres, each with their own charms, to choose which server you want to settle in!

Is Retro available via the Ankama Launcher?

  • Yes, you can log on to Retro through the Ankama Launcher.

Is a 64-bit version of the game available?

  • Yes, a 64-bit version is available via the Ankama Launcher.
  • A 32-bit version is available in the Launcher options.

What restrictions are there on the number of characters on Retro servers?

  • No more than five characters across all Retro servers even if you purchase character slots in DOFUS 2.x.

Is the shop available for Retro servers?

  • Yes, the shop is compatible with Retro. Products that can be credited to a Retro server can be found in the DOFUS Retro tab of the shop.
  • The Kama Exchange is not available on the Retro servers, however.

Will there be a bestiary and encyclopedia for the DOFUS Retro servers?

  • Unfortunately, it won't be possible to create an encyclopedia and bestiary for the Retro servers.

Will there be in-game events from the game masters and/or CMs?

  • As announced in the KrosmoNote dated November 21, 2019, there will be community events run by game masters and/or CMs. The next one will be related to obtaining the Lakeside Palace when the merger happens.

Will the referral system be available for DOFUS Retro?

  • No, there are no plans for this at this time.

Will the bugs in certain challenges be fixed and will the mini-Wakfus be re-introduced? Will the Kralove be modified?

  • The bugs in certain challenges and the mini-Wakfus won't be changed for the time being. The Giant Kralove was modified on October 10, 2019, because of side effects that had allowed players to earn experience too easily as things had been until then. In order to ensure a more authentic gaming experience for all players, we wanted to reduce the experience gain from this boss. While we are currently working on a fix, know that the Kralove Dungeon is still accessible.

How will the Dragoturkey Chameleon gene be made available?

  • The Ginger Khamelerost Dragoturkey will be sold in the shop after the server merger.

Will it be possible to migrate between the various DOFUS Retro servers?

  • No.
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I can`t conect to Dofus Retro servers. Server list is empty. What can i do?

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I still cant play retro because the servers are full? when will there become more servers so i can play?

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