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Is it possible to make a mono account server on dofus retro?

By yoboiihitl3r1 - SUBSCRIBER - January 17, 2020, 17:54:12

I'm aware that this won't happen anytime soon, but for the time being, I'd like to dream of a time when a mono account server would launch on retro. 

I started as a mono account player, and now I play on 2 accounts, but it's still quite difficult to keep up. Almost impossible to find players for dungeons, xp or drop hunts on Algathe, which is where I play. 

Everyone's doing the same thing, 8 accounts, 2~4 cras and the rest enutrofs. Spam black rat dungeon, blop dungeon, sometimes canidae dungeon. Everytime I managed to join a group is a group made up from 4 or 6 characters all controled by the same person. You don't really see any high level mono accounts on Algathe, and that's because mono account players simply can not compete. 

I was kind of fine with this, until I found out about Auto-Hotkey, which is a script made to control up to 8 accounts from a single window, which is how people manage to move so many characters across maps so quickly, tbh I tought they just played dofus so much that they got mad skills at moving their characters lmao little did it know it was a third party software, and they're not even getting banned, as most of these people are level 100+. That completely eliminates the possibily of mono players competing with multi-accounts. 

So my question is, does anyone else feel the same? Would people here be interested in a mono account server on retro? And if yes, is that even possible to create on dofus retro?

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The reason nothing will ever be done about the multi's using AHK is because of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. each person using multi is about  40-50 USD per month. Ankama is a small company relies on subscription. They won't fix the people breaking TOS. A mono account server is a great idea, however, it wouldn't last. With how many rollbacks occurred already I went from having a team of 8 players all mono to a team of 2. People can't stand the constant rollbacks, so many quit. That's why having a consistent team would be near impossible.

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id say Algathe just needs more players, then teaming-up with other people wouldnt be so difficult. Dofus should mix together servers so activity in one is bigger. 
I personnaly play on Eratz, it has a lot of Enu teams also and multi-acc owners. But there is also ppl with less accounts who are seeking fun with teaming up with others 

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I probably won't be playing Retro before they add a mono server... playing on a server where everyone plays 8 accounts is so sad, the market gets oversaturated instantly, etc...

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They said at the start of retro there wont be a mono account server, I would love a mono account server as well. But at the start they said no

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Fake News.
Although I do not any dungeon, as indeed the thing is plagued by multi cancers, I am lv 199 mono (about to be the first mono 200).

It is perfectly possible to play mono; and even easier with two since you too fell into multi cancer. From before retro people always asked for mono server, but it get hundreds of down votes. The people who truly play 1.29 are with teams and are here to farm; there is no hard dungeon nor achievement, the game is simply brutal farming. If it were mono all servers would fit in a single one, and as the multi people would have no interest on it, it would die almost instantly.

Who wants to play mono plays; that is the simple truth. On Nabur there is even a guild with only monocomptes and I know mono 180+.

And then, even on a mono server, all those multi usually have old friends; they would all band together and close their group at eight the same way, and you would not be part of it. The random people recruiting would be the ones left out; which is to say, those same who are low level and weak at the current servers.

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