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First mono 200 search group for dofus drop

By bedengo - SUBSCRIBER - February 12, 2020, 02:32:58

Good day.

I am the first mono 200 (probably the only one to solo until 200); and the first Brazilian 200 too. It is about 2300h for mono 200 solo xp; while for the cancers with teams it only takes about 500h (and mono would be much faster without those team-cancers since there would be groups [I have soloed 95%+]).

There is no Frigost or achievements, 2.06-2.11 is the best dofus, or things to do, but I will play a little more.

Now I am searching a group, I have never found one in the recruitment chat in the game (all high lv are with their team), to drop the dofus or resources 150+.

Osamodas god Bedengo, on Nabur.




Ps: I know there will be no content changes, but I still wish to express my indignation towards the Lashing Claw. A water osa loses all healing, which is great part of an osa be he alone or in group, and he loses area damage as high damage; in exchange for what?

 The only spell you have, ranged damage, is still much weaker than the int ranged spell! With 9 ap, where you can use three Lashing against two of the int Claw it is already much weaker; and so it is completely humiliated on 12 ap with three against four lashings (in fact the spell has less base damage [and cras have heavy damage buffs!] than the cra spell which is 3ap and FIXEDLY takes 3pm away).

 The water Claw would have to be at least either a lifesteal spell, have a 1ap-steal chance, have a much higher base damage or cost only 2ap. Even so, obviously, it would not be worth it to be a water osa, but at least it would not be completely retardation with a single useless spell.

 I have played too much with int osas so now I am a water osa; and I am virtually useless. 
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Kudos to you my man, that's a lot of work. Cheers from Droopik

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